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Hungary has an all-inclusive health system for every tax payer which is similar to the National Health Service that is better known in the UK and which was set up in 1945; thus pre-dating the NHS by two years.   There is also a thriving private system that works on a treat and then pay basis.  The private hospitals and dentist surgeries are equipped with state of the art modern technology and facilities, largely due to the influence of the German clients who have been visiting the country for over fifteen years to take advantage of the very competitive prices for their dental and surgery needs.

In Hungary all cosmetic surgeons must be qualified and experienced general surgeons before they can specialise in cosmetic surgery and the requirements are extremely strict.  This is good news as it means that a cosmetic surgeon will know everything about being a surgeon, and not just about his/her specialist field, meaning that the level at which they operate is exceptionally high and the clinics have state of the art equipment in immaculate buildings. Hungarian dentists and surgeons’ qualifications are internationally acknowledged. 

All doctors have to be registered and receive permission to practise from the government department, Orvosi Kamara, (the Chamber of Medicine) and having passed their cosmetic surgery exams they become members of the Hungarian Association of Plastic and Aesthetic Surgeons. 

All clinics and hospitals have to be approved and registered with the government health department and all doctors have to also be registered, declaring their diplomas and qualifications to the same department, before they are allowed to practise at a particular institution. This also applies if the surgeon works at more than one institution then he/she has to be registered at all places of practice. Surgeons and doctors are known simply as Doctor or Mr and doctors state their speciality.

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