Get a New Smile While Vacationing in Cancun


The name itself resembles a vacation and brings a smile to anyone's face. White sands bathed by turquoise cascading waves. The views that come to mind when mentioning Cancun. It is a Caribbean Paradise.

Near-perfect weather all year round is one of the main reasons it's the best place to visit in Mexico. Besides the food, the things to do, and the historical places to visit. The whole Rivera Maya has so much in store to offer, makes it almost strange to imagine going to the dentist while on vacation.

Visiting Cancun for dental treatment is affordable, plus the advantage of getting to know plenty of amazing sites.

From the perfect beaches, the biggest water parks in Mexico, the warm weather all year round. Visiting the Rivera Maya has become a tourist favorite.

Smile, you're in Cancun!

Going to the dentist while on vacation? After getting to know the numerous benefits of a dental vacation, you'll know why a lot of Americans and Canadians are choosing to work on their teeth while vacationing.

Sani Dental Group is a dental clinic recognized internationally. From being a one chair clinic to three clinics in two different destinations. Sani Dental Group has helped many patients from all over the globe to bring back their smiles for over 30 years.

Sani Dental Group's newest clinic is now in a paradisiacal destination.

Offering the same high standards in treatments, locations, and dental specialists, for which Sani Dental Group has always been recognized in Los Algodones.

Just imagine getting your teeth done and being able to enjoy paradise at the same time and place. Taking pictures in this beautiful destination while showing off your new smile is something to look forward to.

Is it worth Traveling for Dental treatment in Cancun?

Flying abroad for medical procedures is becoming very popular. Due to the cost of treatments being very affordable, outstanding care in great destinations.

Cancun has numerous connections for travelers, thanks to its international airport. Making accessible flights possible.

Traveling for medical procedures is becoming more popular every day.

When Patients visit Sani Dental Group, they can be sure their dental concerns will be listened to most professionally. Our specialists have years of experience in their area, continuous training by regularly attending national and international courses. Updated with new techniques make our dentists more than qualified for any dental procedure.

One of the biggest reasons dental tourists fly abroad is for complex procedures. A Full Mouth Makeover inside the US is the definition of spending thousands of dollars, making it almost impossible for many people. Luckily, many have found a solution to restore their complete smile and still being able to save thousands.

Full Mouth makeover rehabilitations break down into two types:

Restoring natural and existing teeth, the dentists will use restorative techniques to save as many natural teeth as possible and such treatments are:

• Dental Implants

• Root canals

• Crowns

• Fillings

Full Mouth Implant Restoration: Small part of teeth are replaced by full mouth implants. There are different types of Full Mouth implants restorations, including:

• All on 4

• All on 6

• All on 8

• Plates (removable appliances that can replace missing teeth)

• Implant-supported denture

• TCS or Partial flexible, removable flexible partial dentures

Cancun, Mexico, has been getting recognized for not only offering great experiences but as a medical tourism destination. Being able to enjoy a vacation and still get complex dental procedures at affordable prices. A full mouth restoration brings your smile back, but visiting the right clinic in the right place makes that smile even better.

What to do in Cancun?

After receiving extensive dental work, patients might have to abstain from rough activities. However, Cancun has many calm activities to offer for everyone to enjoy a pleasant dental vacation.

These are some activities that don't involve extreme fun:

• The Mayan Ruins

• Visit the 5th Avenue

• Go to Cozumel on a ferry

• Have a mystic relaxing visit to Tulum

• Visit the beach or a beach club

Where can I stay?

Besides booking your appointment, Sani Dental Group helps you with accommodation for your stay, still offering patients exclusive rates at some of the best hotels.


Smile.. In playa del Carmen

Patients seeking to take care of their dental needs, they have a new destination option to visit the dentist.

Sani Dental Group offers a great variety of treatments in a beautiful modern infrastructure. With top of the line equipment and in a great location where you will be able to enjoy a dental vacation surrounded by paradise beaches.

Your complete dental experience starts as soon as you arrive, an exclusive shuttle will pick you up and take you to the clinic in Playa del Carmen.

Having a great smile requires work, but doesn't mean you have to spend thousands.

Instead, Sani Dental Group provides a great experience that includes a vacation while still being able to get your dental needs done.

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