HCB (Hospital Clinica Benidorm) was created at the same time as Benidorm's tourism expansion, assisting the first tourists in the area. The services offered were not those of a normal hospital, the team had to adapt to treat patients from different nationalities. Thirty years later, HCB is a private hospital with 350 employees of all nationalities of the EU, Russia, Middle East and South America.

With over 40 integrated medical services in the same centre for hospitalization, urgent care, and medical specialists, HCB offers medicine supported by the latest scientific and medical advances and with its primary difference: a team dedicated to the  needs of patients and their companions.

HCB offers services for all nationalities made up of medical personnel, doctors, nurses, administrative staff  and multilingual interpreters. The way they work allows patients to feel closer to home always being accompanied and supported by people who speak their own language, thus making it  possible to offer  a personalised care and service.

  • Team of international interpreters
  • Close care
  • Leading technology
  • Modern facilities

You can find out more information, in your language, on the Clinica Benidorm website or by calling their 24 hour free phone.
Tel. (0034) 96 585 38 50
Fax. (0034) 965 86 43 45
900 38 05 80 Scandinavian patients
900 38 04 80 Netherlands patients
900 87 88 50 Russian patients
900 400 060 UK patients

Specialised units

As one of Spain's leading large private hospitals, they are regarded as being at the forefront for developing new technologies. Their radiotherapy unit and Nuclear Medicine Unit use the most advanced technology available. Hospital Clinica Benidorm has different specialist units that provide a range of services for their patients including:

Alicante Cardiovascular Institute (ICA)

Across Spain and other developed countries, cardiovascular disease is the primary cause of death. The ICA is made up of a team of doctors who provide treatment for a range of vascular diseases. The ICA consists of several units including Cardiovascular Risk Unit, Cardiology Clinic and Haemodynamics Unit (24 hour service 365 days per year for patients with acute infarct and unstable angina, making it a unique centre in the province thanks to these features), Neurovascular Unit, Cardiac and Vascular Surgery Unit and Electrophysiology.

Integral Cancer Treatment Institute (ITIC)

The ITIC provides patients with a unique personalised service that uses the latest technology for diagnosis and treatment whilst combining medicine with psychology. It is organized around medical groups from different specialties. This way, specialists with different clinical orientations make up the treatment teams.

From the start of the treatment, the ICTI concentrates on each individual patient. Each case is studied in a personalized manner. Diagnoses and treatments are analyzed by a multidisciplinary group in order to offer an immediate and excellent service. In cancer treatment, time plays a decisive role in the treatment of the disease; an accurate diagnosis and fast action can save many lives.

Mobayed Ophthalmology Institute (IMOF)

Sight is often regarded as one of the most valued senses as it allows humans to connect with the world. The IMOF unit offers a range of treatments including:

Shoulder Arthroscopy Surgical Unit (UCAH)

The unit is integrated in the HCB Traumatology and Orthopaedics Service, which has enjoyed well-deserved prestige for a number of years. This new technique enables less aggressive and more definitive treatment of the different conditions of the shoulder, including:

  • Subacromial compression syndrome
  • Partial or total breaks of the rotator cuff
  • Recurring dislocations and instabilities, labrum injuries
  • SLAP tears and biceps tendon conditions
  • Acromioclavicular arthritis, arthrosis and rheumatism
  • Frozen shoulder and rigidity of the shoulder
  • Calcific tendinitis
  • Specific injuries in Hip and Knee

Treatments are also available for: acute fractures and sequels fractures, prosthetic and reconstructive surgery of the shoulder.

Hip and knee

Ask about their special treatments of the hip and knee (orthopaedic consultations, surgery, rehabilitation and accommodation for the patient and their travelling companion).

Obesity Medical-Surgical Institute (OMSI)

With the growing problems of obesity, HCB provide a range of treatments for obesity. Their team of specialists include an endocrinologist, internist, psychologist and specialist obesity surgeon. As part of the treatment plan, you will receive information about diet, exercise, medication and surgery if required.

Spine Unit

At the Spine Unit they evaluate, by an interdisciplinary method, their patients needs in order to provide the most appropriate treatment. They provide quality and personalised therapeutic plans for every patient using the most up to date technology for diagnosis and treatment.They are the point of reference in technology for General Electrics, Zimmer and Braun Aesculap.

Dialysis Unit

Since the dialysis unit was opened in 2000, it was awarded the ISO 9001/200 accreditation, demonstrating the dedication, commitment and quality of their staff. The units team is made up of qualified and highly skilled professionals who are experienced in providing treatment for patients on needing dialysis.

Syncope Diagnostic Unit

Providing patients with a thorough assessment in one centre, their team of specialists offer a range of diagnostic tests, some of which are not available at most centres. The centre has 167 beds.

HCB-IVF Institute

Working in partnership with IVF Spain has led to the establishment of the HCB-IVF Institute that combines highly skilled staff with first-rate standards. Treatments offered include:

  • In Vitro Fertilisation (IVF)
  • Intra-cytomplasmic sperm injection (ICSI)
  • Artifical Insemination
  • Treatments with donor sperm ( for IUI, IVF or egg donation)
  • Egg donation
  • Preimplantation genetic diagnosis (PGD)
  • Freezing and thawing of embryos and ovocytes


Mirage Minnesota work from the Hospital Clinica Benidorm offering treatments for:

  • Alcoholism
  • Cocaine addiction
  • Cannabis addiction
  • Gambling addiction
  • Gaming addiction

Medical services

Hospital Clinica Benidorm have an extensive range of medical services available for their patients including :

A&E Services


Anatomical pathology


Clinical Analysis Laboratory and Microbiology

Clinical Haematology Unit and Hemotherapy


Diagnostic imaging. Nuclear medicine

Diagnostic imaging. Radiodiagnostics

Digestive Tract. Endoscopy




General Surgery and Digestive Tract

Haemodynamics unit

Heart Surgery

Hospital pharmacy

Intensive Care Unit

Internal Medicine

Interventional radiology

Maxillofacial Surgery

Medical oncology

Nephrology. Dialysis Unit


Neurophysiology. Sleep unit



Nutrition and dietetics

Obstetrics and gynaecology


Orthopaedic Surgery and Trauma


Plastic, Cosmetic and Reconstructive Surgery





Radiotherapy and Oncology


Thoracic Surgery


Vascular Surgery


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