Medicover Hospital Hungary: Surgery and hospital treatment in Budapest, Hungary

Located in the heart of Budapest, Medicover Hospital is an ISO 9001 certified hospital and advanced imaging centre offering high quality, affordable surgery, endoscopy and diagnostics from a team of experienced and highly trained specialists.

Treatments available at Medicover Hospital Hungary

Equipped with the latest technology, Medicover Hospital in Budapest provides a wide range of diagnostic procedures and surgical treatments:


Ear, nose, throat (ENT) surgery

General surgery

Orthopaedic surgery

Varicose vein surgery

Professional and affordable surgery

With state-of-the-art facilities including an endoscopic centre, advanced imaging centre and two modern operating theatres with subintensive care and post-operative surveillance rooms, Medicover Hospital Hungary is committed to providing high quality diagnostic and surgical procedures at transparent and affordable prices.

Quotes are inclusive of all services such as airport transfers, treatment package and medical travel services and the hospital offers FREE consultation and flight packages to patients seeking treatment in Budapest.

Quotes and comprehensive treatment plans are available with 24 hours of receipt of medical documentation, however the following acts as a price guide:


Consultation with an ENT consultant - Free of charge

Nasal polyp removal or sinus surgery (FESS) - £740

Nose surgery (for blocked nose) Septoplasty/SMR - £850

Mucotomy - £850

Tonsil removal (adult) - £650

Adenoid removal (adult) - £640

Tonsil and adenoid removal (adult) - £1020

Septoplasty - £850

Snoring surgery (LAUP/Laser assisted uvulopalatoplasty) - £740


Cataract surgery (one eye) - £760

General surgery

Gall bladder removal - £1530

Colon polyp removal - £80

Haemorrhoids removal - £1420

Hernia repair (umbilical) - £1120

Laparoscopic hernia repair (inguinal) - £1230

Open hernia repair (inguinal) - £1120

Thyroid gland removal (partial) - £1560

Thyroid gland removal (both lobes) - £1900

Thyroid gland removal (total) - £3010

Ganglion cyst removal - £620

Skin lesion removal - £90

Orthopaedic surgery

Carpal tunnel release - £620

Trigger finger release - £650

Knee ligament surgery (ACL reconstruction) - £2120

Knee arthroscopy with cartilage repair – shaving and/or microfracture - £1670

Arthroscopic meniscus removal - £1670

Arthroscopic meniscus repair - £1670

Shoulder arthroscopy - £1320

Vascular surgery

Varicose veins – surgery/stripping (both legs) - £1290

Varicose veins - surgery/stripping (one leg) - £990

Endovenous Laser Treatment (EVLT/EVLA) (one leg) - £1050

Endovenous Laser Treatment (EVLT/EVLA) (both legs) - £1400

Scans and investigations

Colonoscopy - £250

Endoscopy (Upper GI) - £150

CT scan - £90

MRI scan - £170

Chest X-ray - £100

Medicover Hospital Hungary
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