For us the choice was and always will be Institut Marquès

Treatment: In-vitro fertilisation (IVF)
Provider: Institut Marquès
Date: Jun 2021

Manon and Adèle have made their dream of having a baby come true thanks to undergoing the ROPA Method (Shared Motherhood) at Institut Marquès, the technique most used by lesbian couples.

"We have undergone the ROPA method and... We are expecting a baby! Our experience: *Visit in early January of the facilities and equipment *Start of treatment at the end of the month (start of our cycles) *Egg retrieval and transfer in early February: we went to the clinic for the last ultrasound and stayed there between the egg pick-up and the transfer, WHICH WE RECOMMEND. *Previous experience: ROPA method at another clinic in the middle of a stressful period, going back and forth between the clinic and our home (350kms). Competent team, but too "medical". By this I mean that at Institut Marquès we felt welcomed, guided and understood. The whole team is friendly, attentive and very professional. They all go out of their way to make you happy. It is true that they are not always punctual and that replies to emails sometimes take a few hours, but in the end you get what you need, when you need it. So thanks again: - To Dr García-Faura (gynaecologist), for his follow-up, his patience, his kindness, his skills and his professionalism - To Manuela and Carla (patient coordinator and administration) for their kindness, their gentleness, their patience: you are great, don't change - To the lady at the reception for opening the door with a smile - To Dr Marquès (gynaecologist) for the embryo transfer! In the end, follow your heart, your feelings and don't hesitate to visit the centre to soak up the atmosphere before making your choice of clinic. For us, it was and always will be INSTITUT MARQUÈS."

Manon and Adèle (Toulon, April 2021)


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Institut Marquès
Infertility clinic in Barcelona, Spain

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Founded 100 years ago in Barcelona, Institut Marquès is an internationally-recognised IVF clinic specialising in IVF with egg and/or semen donation and is accredited by the Spanish Healthcare Authority...

Institut Marquès has fully licensed IVF clinics in Barcelona, Rome, London and Milan.


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