Spine surgery in Moldova

Treatment: Spinal fusion
Provider: Medpark International Hospital
Date: Sep 2013

Dear friends, I am 56 years old and short time ago I experienced a successful spine surgery at Medpark International Hospital in Chisinau. That’s why I would like to thank from all my heart to Dr. Adrian Danu, the neurosurgeon that operated me and to the entire medical team and Reception personnel working at Medpark International Hospital.
I would start by saying that it is frustrating to realize that health problems occur more and more after a certain age. My problems started immediately after I turned 53 years old, on an ordinary shopping day. I thought it was something temporary but the pain didn’t go away. My family doctor advised me to make further investigation and get specialized neurosurgical medical advice. My friends advised me to see Dr. Adrian Danu, neurosurgeon at Medpark International Hospital in Chisinau.
Although I didn’t know anything about this hospital I’d had been several times in Chisinau before. I knew the road and my wife was ready to join me for a shopping session. Before planning my visit I contacted the Foreign Patient Department and I provided all the details and medical reports of my problem. Two days later I received the opinion of the doctor. He needed to examine me before saying his conclusion. I made the appointment and the two days later early in the morning I was driving to the Medpark International Hospital. On the same day I saw Dr. Danu. He recommended me to make a CT scan of the spine and some further investigations. The Diagnostic department was in the same building so I didn’t have to go to another location. The results indicated that I needed a lumbar spine surgery. At Medpark International Hospital the lumbar disc herniation surgery cost around 1,200 EUR including 4 days of hospitalization, food and the anesthesia during the intervention. Moreover the patient rooms are of single occupancy and provide a folding chair so my wife could stay with me during this time.
Immediately after the discussion with Dr. Danu I made up my mind for making the surgery at Medpark International Hospital. The next day I was scheduled for the surgery so I asked to stay in the hospital also the night before the surgery. The room was very clean, without “hospital smell”, had a private bathroom with shower and toilet, TV and internet.
The next morning the nurse came to take me to the operation room. The day before I had performed all the preoperative investigations and the Dr. Danu was consulting the results when I reached the operating room. All the team was there and ready to start the operation. The doctor explained me how the operation consists of.  I totally trusted Dr. Danu and I was confident in all the team. I woke up after 4 hours and Dr. Danu informed that the operation was successful. I felt that tears were coming from my eyes.
I stayed four days in the hospital after the operation and then I left for home. Everything went well and I was feeling much better. After leaving, the Foreign Patient Department would help me be in contact with Dr. Danu.
I am grateful to Dr. Danu for devotion and professionalism and to all the team at Medpark International Hospital for the care and professionalism they showed during my hospitalization. I will recommend Medpark International Hospital to all of my friends.

Alexandru Andronic,
Iasi, Romania, September 2013

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Medpark International Hospital
Private hospital in Chisinau, Moldova
5.00 out of 5 (3 reviews)

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