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Health spa treatment at Danubius Aqua in Heviz, Hungary

Treatment: Spa and wellness treatment
Provider: Danubius Health Spa Resorts Hungary
Date: Sep 2016

Canada152 , Vancouver, Canada (7/1/14) - TripAdvisor

This was my fifth trip to Danubius Aqua, Heviz. I debated whether or not to go this year, thinking it would be more responsible to pay off my car and save money. At the last minute, though, I decided to book the trip because I was absolutely exhausted to the point of having no motivation. My first day full day there, after a complete round of treatments (medical massage, mud pack, hanging traction, physiotherapy, lots of time the variety of saunas, and a good soak in the thermal pool) I knew I had made the right decision. My three weeks at the Aqua has fully restored my zest for life -- as always, it was exactly the tonic that I needed.

For five years straight, I can honestly say that I have no complaints -- the service is consistently excellent in every department -- guest relations, dining room, bar, front desk, scheduling, cleaning, cosmetics, therapeutic spa treatments, athletics. The people who work here are kind, polite, engaging, helpful, knowledgeable, and have a generosity of spirit that remains in my heart days and months after I leave.

About the food in the dining room: I have always enjoyed it, and the variety of food on offer that rotates day by day, week by week. This year, the food was even better than usual, and I was thrilled to find some new dishes in the buffet -- especially a dish with potato, egg, sausage, sour cream (I think it might be called 'Rakott Krumpli'). Oh My God -- was that ever excellent !!!

About the spa area -- something new this year: the indoor mineral pool has been divided into two mineral pools, set at different temperatures. I love this change for two reasons -- (1) it gave me options from day to day, depending on my own body temperature. Some days I preferred the hotter pool, other days, I preferred the cooler pool. Some days, I enjoyed going back and forth between the two. (2) visually it is nicer this way, and somehow is cozier and more comfortable to sit in the smaller pools (even though each pool is a good size).

Another aspect of the spa area that I love since it was upgraded a couple of years ago is the 'sauna world'. With three dry saunas of different temperatures, a steam sauna, and a cold plunge pool, I enjoyed the daily (sometimes twice or thrice daily) ritual of spending time in each of them, and then relaxing in the quiet area in a lounger.

I also must mention the daily water exercises at 11 am. At twenty minutes every day, they really pack a punch and build strength. The instructor gives instructions in several languages -- Hungarian, Russian, German, English. He has a sense of humour, and keeps the participants in good humour while they are jumping around in the water with water weights.

I could go on ... but the main point is: If it was affordable, I would move into this spa hotel permanently.

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Danubius Health Spa Resorts Hungary
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