Treatment for Eating Disorders and OCD in South Africa

Treatment: Eating disorders
Provider: Montrose Manor
Date: Dec 2014

A 24-year-old Dutch patient travelled to Cape Town for treatment at Montrose Manor

Montrose Manor made me stronger. Before I came here I was my disorder.

There was no difference between my own voice and my OCD & ED. I followed my rules as a puppy follows his mother. I was a slave of my own thoughts.

Here in Montrose Manor I realized that I have my own Voice. A small one but I had one. From my first day I had to give up all my own rules and had to surrender to the program. It made me very angry and anxious because it was all I had. I had to learn how to deal with feelings and emotions without acting out. That was very difficult for me but Montrose Manor helped me with that.

But it was not only the staff that helped me, a big part of my recovery was the community. I never lived before with 15 girls in the same house. I learned a lot about myself and became more assertive.

It sounds strange but in my first week I wanted to go home and in my last week I didn’t want to leave. It changed my life and I am gonna miss it.

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Montrose Manor
Addiction clinic in Cape Town, South Africa
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