Hair Transplantation at Medpark in Moldova

Treatment: Hair transplantation - Follicular Unit Extraction (FUE) - 3,000 grafts
Provider: Medpark International Hospital
Date: Apr 2013

My name is Vitali Belenko and I live in Odessa, Ukraine. I would like to show my gratitude to Dr. Ercan Karacaoglu from Medpark International Hospital in Chisinau, Moldova for the hair transplant performed here and for restoring back my confidence.
My problem occurred soon after I turned 35 years old when I noticed that my hair started to get thinner. The thought of losing my hair scared me. My wife tried to support and to encourage me, but the stress of the change increased the anxiety. In four years my hair got so thin that I had to take a decision as soon as possible.  
I started to search information on internet about this phenomenon. The next step was to collect information about the clinics in my town that were performing hair transplant and prices. While searching I found out that Medpark International Hospital in Chisinau is also performing this procedure and the medical team is Turkish. This detail made me more confident in the success of the intervention at Medpark International Hospital. I requested information on prices and I sent my photo for evaluation. Dr. Balan Iulian answered my e-mail and gave me all the necessary information: cost estimate and treatment plan. Making a simple calculation I found out that the price per hair is cheaper than the price of the other clinics in Odessa. Moreover my wife wanted to visit Chisinau and this was a good opportunity to travel.  The decision was taken. I made the appointment and we started to plan our mini vacation.
When I reached Medpark International Hospital I was impressed of the cleaning and the courtesy of the personnel. A member of the Reception team showed me the way to the cabinet of Dr. Iulian Balan who was waiting for me. Dr. Balan explained me everything in detail and pictured the steps of the procedure: before the procedure I had to make some laboratory tests and investigations; the day after in the morning I was scheduled for the procedure; the following day I would come for the change of the bandage and the third day for hair wash. The rest of the time I was free for travelling around.
On the second day, the day of the laboratory tests, I met Dr. Ercan Karacaoglu, the coordinator of the transplant team, that assured me of the safety of the procedure. Listening to his words I got confident that I came to the right doctor. The following days everything succeeded as planned. On the day of the procedure, after the intervention, I went to hotel for rest, but on the following day we made a city tour and also visited Cricova wine cellars. On the afternoon of the fifth day we left for Odessa.  In total, the cost of the intervention was of 3.600 EUR which was less than I expected.
Now my hair looks very nice and I am optimist and confident in myself. Dr. Ercan Karacaoglu, thank you for your patience and professionalism!

Vitali Belenko,
Odessa, Ukraine, April 2013

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Medpark International Hospital
Private hospital in Chisinau, Moldova
5.00 out of 5 (3 reviews)

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