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Famous Italian blogger and influencer visits Dentech

Provider: Dentech
Date: Apr 2019

Marie Zamboli had approached Dentech initially for an orthodontic problem, but was also treated for a palatal canine that was removed years ago in Italy and had made her situation more difficult to solve as her teeth had moved because of the gap from the missing tooth.

They started the  treatment by putting on braces to take care of the orthodontic problem and to align the central dental line with her jaw and facial proportions. Marie visited Dentech periodically for regular check-ups with the orthodontist.

They had to secure the space of two missing teeth in order to create enough bone mass to eventually put the predicted dental implant in. At first, there was not enough bone density to put the dental implant in as the bone was very badly damaged by the previous palatal tooth extraction, but their specialists managed to create enough bone to proceed with the implantological part.

During the first surgical procedure the dental implant was put in and then they had to wait another 4 months as the implant had to fix in the bone and finally be strong enough to hold the upcoming prosthetic structure.

After 4 months of healing process, Marie returned to the dental clinic for the final phase of the treatment. Dr. Radovic opened up the implant with a small incision and put the healing abutment in for 2 days. During the next 5 days their technicians created a zirconium crown that perfectly matched the actual implant.

Once the whole prosthetic part was done, the braces were removed as there were no more further risk of her teeth moving.

Marie has returned to Italy and to her life with straight teeth, full dental line and happier than ever.

Marie said "I am really happy with my new braces and my experience in Split at the Dentech clinic. Just an hour away from Rome by plane, taking care of my smile has become so enjoyable. They are the best! All the doctors are really kind."

To read Marie's blog post on her visit to Dentech, click here.

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