Dental treatment abroad : Patient stories

If you are considering  dental treatment abroad, then why not find out about other people's experiences of treatment overseas. These patient stories supplied by our featured hospitals and clinics provide examples of the kind of dental treatment and treatment for which UK patients have gone abroad.

They are real stories of real people. Each story provides an indication of how much the surgery would have cost in the UK, and what was paid for dental treatment abroad.

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Drama student Lucy travelled to Poland for dental veneers Porcelain veneer
Following a sports injury drama student Lucy Osborne needed dental veneers to improve her smile. But as a student she couldn't afford treatment in the UK. Lucy's Polish friend Kasia mentioned that Poland is becoming increasingly popular with dental tourists

Root canal treatment in Cracow with DENTestetica Root canal treatment - Back teeth
Michelle Roberts combined unexpected root canal treatment with her pre-planned holiday to Krakow. Because her dentist in the UK couldn't schedule an appointment for two weeks Michelle decided to get dental treatment in Poland.

Low cost dental veneers in Budapest Porcelain veneer
Ms Langlois, a 35 year old lady living in the UK was interested in cosmetic dentistry. Her old dental veneers were 12 years old and felt thick. She contacted VitalEurope, wrote about her oral status and asked for a proposal.

Dental treatment under general anaesthesic Tooth extraction - wisdom tooth
"I laugh much more often" .Mrs. N.B. from Bavaria had her treatment under general anaesthesia on 1st June 2010. Now she goes to a regular dentist for prophylactic treatment.

Porcelain veneers and crowns in Turkey Porcelain veneer
Robert Wootton, aged 53, had experienced dental problems for about 15 years - he ground his teeth due to stress but had a fear of the dentists.His teeth deteriorated to the extent that when he finally plucked up the courage to visit a dentist he was told they were as badly worn as somebody in their 70’s.

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