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Breast implant removal at Esteurope Hospital in Izmir, Turkey

Provider: Esteurope Hospital
Date: Mar 2019

After long research and visiting several doctors, Kimberly S. finally gained the courage to have her breast implants removed at Esteurope Hospital in Izmir, Turkey.

"In 2016 after a sudden weight loss my breasts lost all of their volume and sagged. I hated how they looked and decided to get implants. Which I regretted immediately after.

I am petite and have an active life style. At that time I was practising yoga intensively and getting ready to be a certified yoga instructor. I wanted to have natural looking Esteurope cup breasts, which would not impact my life style. My surgeon that time did not pay attention to my needs. I guess he even did not really listen to me. He told me that in order to bring the volume needed he would place 295cc implants to each breast (under muscle). The experience after the operation was horrible. I had strong back pain, lost the sensation in my nipples, ended up having C cup breasts and my implants negatively impacted my yoga practice. I gained weight, hated my implants and suffered from back pain for 2.5 years.

I knew that I had to get rid of them but I was scared of the post-surgery process and the potential results. I visited my surgeon only to hear that he would recommended replacing my implants with a smaller size instead of removing them. He told me I would be unhappy and have regrets. He did not get how unhappy I already was.

I joined the realself community, read the experience of others and finally gained the courage to remove my implants :) After a long research and visiting several doctors and I took my decision and got operated on 3 weeks ago at Esteurope Hospital. I am ready to share my experience to inspire others!"


Esteurope Hospital
Private hospital in Izmir, Turkey
5.00 out of 5 (3 reviews)

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