Breast augmentation at Professional Beauty in Poland

Treatment: Breast enlargement
Provider: Professional Beauty
Date: Mar 2015

From Big Brother House to Adams Clinic by Helen Wood

I write in pain (some of you will be delighted to hear) having just arrived back from Poland; with some duty free ciggies, European sweeties I cant pronounce, oh, and a new boob job, courtesy of Adam Kalecinski and Professional Beauty.

Plastic surgery. Ah, the subject to divide a nation. It seems what was once only for the filthy rich, celebs or residents of Beverly Hills, has now become the norm. Buying a new set of breasts is like nipping to the shop for a bunch of bananas. It is now so trivialized, people sneak surgeries into weekends abroad, shoe shopping, even lunch breaks. Next time they ask if you want to go large at Costa, theyll probably point you to the clinic downstairs rather than the mocha-choca-latte.

I wouldnt say Im body conscious, but my boobs have been an issue since my teens. I was definitely at the back of the queue when God was handing out bigger sizes. Being around girls with larger chests – which most of my close friends have – always made me want a more voluptuous cup. I tried the whole slender look, capitalizing on a flat chest until my early twenties, which I was often complimented on. Yet I still wasnt truly happy.

Then after having my son, breastfeeding took its toll. I remember leaning over to run a bath, looking down at my boobs and thinking they looked like stale saggy tea bags. I hated them. I lived with them for a long time, sapping at my confidence. Then by 26, I was fed up of chicken fillets and push-up bras. I didnt feel sexy whatsoever, naked or in a dress, and wanted change.

If Im honest with myself, I look back at comments some boyfriends made (and also the public when I was thrust out there for all to see) and presume thats one reason that made me turn to surgery. Being so young and being slated for your weight – one minute I was a bag of bones, the next a fat bitch, then I had breasts like swollen bee stings, would make anyone feel self-conscious. I admit, the jibes left me weak and vulnerable. My self-esteem was battered.

I think thats why a lot of girls invest in surgery, both celebs and the general public, it stems from an insecurity often fed by an insensitive partner, or if youre in the public eye, the media. Dont get me wrong, I personally did this for ME, but comments in earlier years helped sway my decisions and Im sure I can say that for other women too.

My time spent having surgery in Poland with Professional Beauty was bliss, the staff were fab, the hospital clean and there were no problems from start to finish. Biannca and Kimbo will agree, as they joined me for a little work. Were all hobbling around like weve been crushed by a small steam roller, but, so far so good and we cant wait to go on a girly underwear shopping splurge. Adam is a super surgeon and I was attracted to Professional Beauty/Europesurgery as a result of their positive reviews and the fact that they have a Facebook page where you can message past and prospective patients and ask all those questions you really need answers to. Nearly all the patients were from the UK as well and were happy to share their experiences through this unique and honest forum. Nowhere else, even in the UK, seemed to offer such a discussion platform.

Biannca had Lipo, only God knows where they found the fat, but apparently she had two litres removed, while Kim has a new rack to match her perfect rump.

My latest trip to see Adam at Professional Beauty was last September 2014, after numerous consultations in England left me confronted by my worst nightmare – either the horrid McDonalds sign boobies or bulging Barbies. So I opted to go abroad and after a lot of research found a small hospital called Europe Surgery.

Back in 2013, I opted to go abroad and after a lot of research I found a small clinic in Poland with a surgeon called Adam Kalecinski, at Professional Beauty. When my colourful past had been splattered across the papers several years earlier, I was beaten up and my nose snapped off in an unprovoked attack. Naturally, with my nose being a main feature bang in the centre of my mug, it gave me a complex after it had been broken. Every day, when I put make-up on, I visualized those idiots stamping on me, why would I live with that for the rest of my days? So, while being knocked out for three and a half hours, I went from a B to C cup and had my conk put back in shape. It needed fixing; no regrets and the results were great.

The only worry with surgery is when people get things done on a whim or too young. I stupidly had my teeth done off a cheapo dentist years back, which ended up costing a bomb to fix. He badly messed up my gums and natural teeth for life. Like a complete moron, I did zero research on this idiot who called himself a dental surgeon. I ended up looking like Red Rum.

Anyway, Im finally happy with my peggys now as thankfully I found a dentist who knew what he was doing and took the other cowboy to court. I can now flash a genuine happy smile, although next up are my bottom gnashers.

Oh, and did I mention, I get Botox twice a year for my number 11. Google it.

Im not afraid to admit I have had work done, nor that I had a botched filler that ballooned my lips and made me look like a prize plank. Yet a ton of celebs do deny it. I dont understand why, yeah, its none of our business, but when its so obvious…. Come on.

I recently read an interview with Lydia Bright in which she spoke about surgery and how shed never say never to work, well good job, its obvious shes had some done. Ironed forehead springs to mind. The weird thing is, as much as I am for surgery, I hugely envy girls who say I am the way I am and accept themselves. I just dont think that way, I wish I did have their mindset.

Instead, I like to try and improve areas I feel can be bettered. Surgery isnt for everyone, but its something thats made me a lot happier within myself. Friends have always 100% backed me, even my best mate who thought I was a complete nutter getting my boobs done for the second time in one year.

I think after Big Brother, Ive wanted a whole new revamp. Ive started with my boobs and this has given me a kick up the bum to get back to the gym, tone my body and lay off the white wine – well, maybe just a bottle at a time instead of a box.

I dont believe in getting surgery then being lazy, so Ive treated myself to a DD-chest thanks to Professional Beauty, now the rest I have to work for with my personal trainer, who Im sure has a lovely grueling session awaiting and cant wait for me to bark at him that I need to rest as Ive pulled a muscle.

For now, Im delighted with the plastic parts of my body, so hopefully wont be returning to Poland… For a while at least.

Thanks for reading. Lots of love,


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