Proud parents of a beautiful boy

Treatment: In-vitro fertilisation (IVF)
Provider: IVF Treatment Abroad
Date: Mar 2016

We are now the extremely happy and proud parents of a beautiful, bright and very smiley one year old boy. However, just two years ago our situation was very different. Being a number of years into our fertility journey and having had a number of failed IVF cycles in the UK in desperation we began to investigate options abroad. We came across Ruth and IVF Treatment Abroad quite by chance while searching around on the internet and it literally changed our lives. Ruth could not have been more supportive and helpful in our consideration of countries, clinics and the difficult decision to go down the donor route. 

We eventually decided to go to ProcreaTec in Madrid for treatment. Again our experiences here were nothing but positive. We found the clinic to be highly professional but also small, personal and very relaxed (a sharp contrast to our experiences here in the UK). Until we arrived in Spain Ruth was my day to day contact who helped me through every step of the process. She was always extremely quick to reply to my questions (and panics!) either by email or by Skype. I found Ruth a huge support throughout the whole process and really don't know how I would have managed it all without her. Once in Madrid an English speaking member of the ProcreaTec team took over who was also fantastic. 

We did decide to go down the donor route. We were given relatively little information on prospective donors really just told they were a good match. I felt extremely nervous putting our trust in the team for this matching process. However, it's quite remarkable and all I can say is they were extremely good at their jobs! Good match doesn't come close - absolutely perfect match is more accurate! 

Every baby is of course very special and makes their parents very happy but I can hand on heart say that our little one saved me. I was worn down by years of desperately wanting a baby and watching everyone around me one by one fall pregnant apparently so easily. This extremely special little boy is my little sunshine and the light of my life. I will feel forever grateful to the whole team at ProcreaTec, to Ruth and of course to wonderful, selfless, altruistic donors like ours for enabling us to fulfil our dreams of becoming parents.  Our son is perfect in every way and we count our blessings for him every day. 

Anonymous 2014

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