Warm, Friendly Service at Mono Obesity Clinic

Provider: Mono Clinic
Date: Feb 2020

Sarah Solomon was nervous to have her Gastric botox procedure, until the doctors at Mono Clinic provided her with kind and calm words, as well as lots of information regarding the procedure. To great success Sarah has never looked back.


"I couldn't recommend Mono Obesity Clinic enough! After doing lots of research for over a year and weighing everything up, I had the gastric botox procedure in lieu of the gastric sleeve procedure. It was very easy to contact and keep in communication with the staff at the clinic. Initially I was in contact with Ege and Elifsu and they helped with any questions I had about the procedure or logistics. I was even able to speak with Dr Ali Sarac about the procedure as I was nervous and wanted to be sure of transparency which was great that that was possible. I had been to another consultation in person beforehand in the UK where there was little transparency so this was great, especially considering communication beforehand was through e-mail and Whatsapp videocalls and messages.
I was staying a distance away from the clinic and hospital while in Izmir so they kindly provided me with a taxi to and from my apartment the day before when going to meet Beyza the dietician and Seckin who were very pleasant and kind and ready to answer any queries I had. They weighed me, took some stats, printed out a copy for myself and gave me a very helpful nutrition plan and advice...before tackling the mountains of paperwork!
The next day I was picked up from my apartment by the interpreter Inci by taxi and taken to the hospital. I registered and cash payment was accepted before the procedure. The wait time from arrival to procedure was no longer than 45 minutes, mostly because of the waiting time for registration.
The procedure itself was very straightforward and painless and the injection is done endoscopically (through the mouth) while under general anaesthesia. The most pain I experienced was the cannula being put into a vein in my arm (the pain was a 1.5 on a scale of 1-10 honestly). Afterwards I was helped to the taxi and accompanied to the villa with Inci which I was grateful for as I was unsteady from the anaesthesia. The staff there were very friendly and it's just like a hotel, spotless with lots of space and with high-spec modern facilities. There was also a pool outside which is great for any swimmers or summer sunbathers! With this procedure you can honestly leave on the same day. The only thing I had to recover from was the anaesthesia so I had a nice long nap afterwards! All was good and the next day I was taken via VIP taxi to the airport.
I had never taken a decision myself to do anything private medically, let alone outside of the UK before so I hesitated a lot before contacting anyone but everybody at Mono made me feel so at ease. The procedure has already changed things so much for me as I struggled to adhere to a diet and exercise program because of my hunger and appetite. Now it's *SUPER* easy and I can see and feel so much of a difference only 5 days in. I still contact them post-procedure with questions and they are gladly answered for me. I would highly recommend Mono again and again without hesitation!! :D"
Sarah Solomon - Jan 21, 2020
Mono Clinic
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