Mest Air ambulance Service

Mest Air ambulance is a professional medical air ambulance service that aims to meet you and your loved one’s air transport needs for special medical conditions.  Providing a direct air service, their service is available anywhere in the world with their TC-NEO registered Hawker Beechjet 400 A aircraft. From Istanbul, Mest Air Ambulance serves the entire globe.

Their Beechjet 400 A aircraft is a fully equipped air ambulance, with medical equipment suitable for all their patient needs and is certified in compliance with the Ministry of Health Air Ambulance. 


Mest Air Ambulance is a subsidiary of the Mest Group which is based in Canada and provides a service to international markets in the field of medical assistance.  Safety comes first and Mest Air supports flights worldwide under the “safety first” principle.

Mest Air staff are highly experienced within international business jet management and have experience working in large-scale aviation companies.

Mest Air is both ISO 45001:2018 Occupational Health and Safety Management System, and ISO 10002 Customer Satisfaction Management System certified. This means they work with safety in mind, measures are put in place to prevent life losses, occupational diseases, and injuries. It also means they prioritise customer satisfaction while maintaining the highest level of technical success. Other certifications of Mest Air include ISO 9001:2015, ambulance vehicle certification of conformity from the Health Ministry of Turkey and the Directorate General of Civil Aviation of Turkey's Certificate Of Registration and Airworthiness Review Certificate.

Equipment on board:

  • Intubation sets
  • Oxygen balloon reserves in the main stretcher kit on-board
  • Fixed aspirator unit
  • 230-volt electrical system, inverter
  • Corpuls monitor, defibrillator, (ECG, pulse oximeter, capnograph, temperature measurement units, adult and paediatric blood pressure monitoring wrist bands).
  • infusion and injector pumps (Braun)
  • Portable aspirator (Weinmann)
  • Mechanical ventilator suitable for adult and paediatric patients
  • IV fusions fluids, emergency drugs and other medical equipment that may be required

*All equipment provided by Mest Air Ambulance meets full qualifications and minimum quantities for medical devices, tools, and materials to be kept in vehicles used according to Annex-3 of the Ministry of Health’s regulations on ambulances and emergency medical vehicles. 



Transfer Procedure:

1- Destination information and the medical status of the patient are obtained. Once the patient’s medical report has been evaluated by specialists, if necessary, the patient is interviewed, and all information is taken for transfer.
2- When all information is received, Mest Air will provide you with a price offer.
3- When decided the operation can be carried out and in accordance with civil aviation rules, all necessary permission procedures for domestic and international flights are initiated.
4- On international flights, permission will be required via passport application and will require information about the patient and their companion. In addition, ‘war zone supplementary insurance’ is required for flights to risky regions, this situation affects the time and price.
5- For domestic flights credentials will be sufficient.
6- One companion can be accepted during transfer.
7- Mest Air can provide guidance if a land ambulance is required at the departure and arrival points of the patient. A Mest Air expert will be in contact with you during the process.
8- Mest Air’s TC-NEO registered Hawker Beechjet 400A air ambulance aircraft has cabin pressure and patients with cardiovascular, cerebral vascular diseases, and lung problems can be safely transferred.


Contact Details

Ahi Evran caddesi, No:11 Olive
Plaza Kat: 10 D:13 Maslak

Tel: +90 850 441 3 247
Mobile: +90 552 344 72 09
Fax: +90 850 441 3 247

Email - [email protected]
Website -


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