Clinica Sandalf: Orthopaedic surgery in Benalmadena, Spain

Conveniently located ten minutes’ drive from Malaga International Airport, Clinica Sandalf in Benalmadena, Spain, provides rapid access to high quality orthopaedic care from an experienced UK-trained orthopaedic surgeon and his team. Treatments available range from conservative procedures and outpatient surgery under local anaesthetic through to inpatient arthroscopies, joint replacements and surgeries for the spine, hand and foot.

Why choose Clinica Sandalf?

  • English-speaking health professionals who have completed their specialist medical training either in Germany or the UK
  • State-of-the-art equipment including digital X-ray, ultrasound, echographic bone density scanning and shock wave treatment
  • Fully equipped physiotherapy suite
  • No waiting times
  • Affordably priced treatment covered by international health insurance

Treatments available at Clinica Sandalf

Orthopaedic surgery

Neck and back pain: diagnostic investigations; anti-inflammatories; epidural injections; physiotherapy; osteopathic mobilisations; massage, acupuncture; surgical procedures such as nerve decompression and herniated disc removal.

Arthritis: personalised exercise programmes developed by a physiotherapist; lymph drainage to reduce swelling; hyaluronic acid injections; cortisone injections; arthroscopic debridement (wash out) of the joint; joint replacement including partial knee replacement, total knee replacement, hip resurfacing and total hip replacement.

Osteoporosis: bone density scanning; pain management, physiotherapy and mobilisation; surgical repair of the collapsed vertebrae (kyphoplasty).

Rheumatoid arthritis/gout: treatment schedules that include oral anti- inflammatory medication, direct joint infiltration, physiotherapeutic exercises, massage and osteopathic mobilisation techniques along with input from an associate medical specialist.

Keyhole surgery/arthroscopy: examination of the inside of a joint (usually knee, hip, ankle, shoulder, elbow) using a probe attached to a camera screen. A range of therapeutic procedures can also be performed using specially designed instruments attached to the probe. Most arthroscopies can be performed as day case surgery.

Joint replacements: knee, hip, shoulder and ankle replacement and hip resurfacing surgery followed by immediate post-operative physiotherapy

Hand surgery: cortisone injections for carpal tunnel syndrome; carpal tunnel and trigger finger surgery; Dupuytren’s surgery; surgery for severe arthritis of the finger joints

Foot surgery: surgery under local anaesthetic for ‘minor’ conditions such as ingrown toe nail or hammer/claw toe; treatment of nerve inflammation conditions such as tarsal tunnel syndrome and Morton’s neuroma with anti-inflammatory medications, splinting or insoles, massage, physiotherapeutic gait education and surgery, if necessary; bunion surgery.

Trauma surgery and sports injuries

Sprains and falls / cuts and bruises: diagnostic investigations; conservative treatment; suturing; physiotherapy; massage therapy

Tendon / ligament damage: diagnostic investigations; conservative treatment; reconstructive surgery; physiotherapy; massage therapy/lymph drainage

Fractures: diagnostic investigations; immobilisation, closed or open reduction, internal fixation, followed by physiotherapeutic joint mobilisation;


Full range of treatment options including gait training, joint mobilisation, comprehensive patient assessment and post-operative rehabilitation


Treatment for muscular problems, joint stiffness, neck and back pain and tissue contractures using osteopathic approaches and cranio-sacral therapy. Manipulation and mobilisation techniques are supported by digital radiographic imaging.


In-house eye tests and check- ups for conditions such as glaucoma, macular degeneration and diabetic retinopathy. Eye surgery procedures including laser cataract surgery, intraocular lens implantation and presbyopia surgery are performed at a local private clinic.


Counselling and psychotherapy using a combination of listening, exercises, Art therapy and The Journey work.

Affordable orthopaedic surgery in Spain

Clinica Sandalf welcomes international patients seeking to save on costly private surgery and long waiting lists at home. Not only does the clinic offer the highest standards of procedures, materials and prostheses, but even when the cost of travel and accommodation is taken into account, in many cases the cost of treatment still works out more affordable than the same treatment in Northern Europe, America or Canada.

Popular treatments include:

Ankle fusion


Ankle replacement


Bunion surgery


Dupuytren’s contracture surgery


Trigger finger release


Carpal tunnel release


Hip arthroscopy


Hip replacement (total)


Hip resurfacing


Hip replacement (revision)


Knee replacement (total)


Knee replacement (partial)


Knee replacement (revision)


Knee arthroscopy


Knee cartilage repair


Epidural injection


Lumbar disc removal (discectomy)            


Slipped disc surgery


Spinal fusion


Shoulder arthroscopy


Rotator cuff repair


Shoulder replacement



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