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The Health Clinic's bariatric team is run by Dr Rein Adamson, a bariatric surgeon that is considered the most experienced in Estonia, and has performed over 1000 surgeries in 12 years. He works closely with his son, Martin Adamson who has been performing weight-loss surgery since 2011.

The Health Clinic offers a comprehensive service, with a team of patient coordinators who are available to provide assistance 24/7 from the initial contact, through to post surgery aftercare. All prices quoted by The Health Clinic include travel within the country on arrival, any assistance required from your patient coordinator, communication between the patient and the medical staff and the treatment itself.

Weight-loss/obesity surgery in Estonia

Revisional bariatric surgery:

  • Sleeve to Bypass – £5300
  • Re-Sleeve – £5300
  • Band to Bypass – £5300
  • Bypass revision – £5300

Patients that receive weight loss surgery with The Health Clinic also receive expert aftercare from a certified and experienced nutritionist who offers assistance to patients face-to-face at the hospital, and through email after the patient has returned home.

What's included?

Bariatric surgery package prices are inclusive of:

Consultation with the operating surgeon

* They evaluate the patient’s physical condition to see if they are a suitable candidate for bariatric surgery.

* They will find the best procedure for the patient in order to achieve the best end result possible.

* They will explain everything concerning the operation so the patient can make a well-thought decision about the surgery.

Consultation with the operating surgeon in the hospital

Once you are settled in the hospital, you will meet the surgeon in person.

Consultations with a bariatric nurse / nutritional specialist

* After surgery in the hospital.

* Follow-up for 5 years.

Consultations with a dietitian and physical activity consultant, Erik Orgu via Skype

Working through the recipes specially put together for people undergone bariatric surgery together with the consultant in order for the meals to be tasty and packed with necessary nutrients. In addition, a general consultation about a healthy diet (via Skype).

Regular phone call check-ups during the first month after surgery by a Specialist Bariatric Nurse Judith Jobling

Professional support and advice by a local person in the United Kingdom who has also gone through the journey of bariatric surgery herself.


*All transfers between the airport/hotel and the hospital. Their dedicated patient coordinators will greeting all patients at the airport on arrival into Estonia.

Night before surgery in hotel (if needed)

The hotel is located just a brisk walk from the hospital.

Tests before the surgery

* Blood test


* Ultrasonography

* Gastroscopy

Operation and hospital stay

* One bed in a twin room. Private room is available for extra cost (£100/night).

* Surgery in a private hospital Fertilitas or East-Tallinn Central Hospital

* 1-5 nights are spent in the hospital (depending on the procedure).

* Free stay and treatment for the extra nights in the unlikely case of complications.

* All necessary medications.

* Discharge summary in English for your family doctor back home.

Complications treatment

All postoperative complications are treated for free during the patients’ stay in the hospital. Also, for late complications if they come back to Tallinn (late complications rate is about 10% of all complications).

24/7 assistance during your stay with us

Every patient will have their own personal patient coordinator available to them at all times

Instructions for post-surgery period

* Dietary instructions according to the procedure.

*Sample menus and portion sizes (for 3 different stages after the surgery).

*Vitamins and minerals.

*Consumption of liquids etc.

* Recommendations for physical activity.

* Common problems and solutions.

* General advice.


* Regular check-ups with the operating surgeon during hospital stay.

* Support via e-mail and phone with bariatric nurse / nutritional specialist for 5 years after surgery.

Additional services

* Special discount prices for post-bariatric plastic operations after the weight loss (abdominoplasty, upper arm lift, thigh lift).

Post-bariatric plastic surgery in Estonia

The Health Clinic is working with the most experienced surgeons in Estonia who work hard to ensure that their patients receive the best possible treatment available. Treatments include:

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Why choose treatment at The Health Clinic for obesity surgery in Estonia?

Estonia is popular among medical tourists because of the high-quality treatment available, at competitive prices compared to the rest of Europe.

The Health Clinic is experienced in supporting individuals from all over the world seeking obesity treatment abroad. The clinic is dedicated to offering highest quality affordable obesity surgery solutions to everybody.

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