ISCARE Centre: Obesity surgery in Prague, Czech Republic

The ISCARE Clinic has been in the Czech Republic since 1994 providing healthcare services in these fields: complex treatment of obesity, gastroenterology, plastic surgery and assisted reproduction. They offer help and treatment to obese patients at their centre, doing their best to offer an all-round approach to treat obesity, utilising all the methods available. Their approach is very individual. Their approach is very individual. Services available with ISCARE Centre for Obesity include include gastric banding, gastric balloon or gastric spatz balloon.

ISCARE clinic is available to call you back, provide free accommodation booking or airport shuttle.  

The ISCARE Centre for Obesity specialises in the treatment of morbid obesity. All surgeries are available to clients with BMI>35. Gastric balloon and spatz balloon is available to patients with BMI>30. Their priority is a comprehensive approach to treating obesity using all methods that medical science offers and multidisciplinary collaboration of all specialists from the bariatric team – obesitologists, nutrition specialists, gastroenterologists, surgeon anesthetists and physiotherapists. 

The team of doctors in ISCARE is led by Head of the Clinic Prof. M.D. Milan Lukáš, Ph.D. He is an expert in the field of gastroenterology and bariatric surgery. You can find his CV below.

Obesity causes many serious diseases. To eliminate their breakout they offer a wide range of treatment options from conservative to surgical treatments for patients with severe obesity. Selecting a specific type of surgery is a professional decision made after individual consultation with each patient.

Obesity surgery available at ISCARE Clinic in Prague, Czech Republic

Gastric band 

The most commonly performed bariatric surgery is gastric banding. Its main advantage is low surgical risk, rapid return to life and minimum number of complications. The ISCARE Clinical Centre has modern operating rooms, an experienced team of anaesthesiologists, intensive care units and its own outpatient wards.

Gastric balloon and spatz baloon

During treatment with gastric balloon a balloon is inserted into an abdomen which causes an early feeling of fullness. This method is fitting for patients who, because of health or other reasons, cannot or do not wish to use other, above mentioned ways of treating the obesity. It is recommended for patients with serious diseases that exclude an operation, because they would require an anesthesia. Sometimes, it is used pre-operatively when it can help with the initial loss of weight.

In the centre of Mini-invasive surgery they perform a wide range of surgeries such as laparoscopic:

  • Gallbladder removal
  • Esophageal hernia removal and surgery for heartburn and inflammation of the oesophagus
  • Appendectomy
  • Inguinal and abdominal hernia surgery

ISCARE Clinic Prague is available to provide these services

  • Free WIFI connection in all rooms
  • TV with 300 channels in all rooms
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Please discuss your desired services by calling 00420 602 350 711 or request a call back!

You can also ask a question by sending them an email.

Gallery of ISCARE Centre for obesity surgery

Costs for popular obesity surgery procedures available at ISCARE Centre in Prague

Gastric banding


operation cost

3250 £/ € 3800



common length of hospitalisation

1-2 days




Gastric balloon


operation cost

1360 £/ € 1600



common length of hospitalisation

1 day




Spatz balloon


operation cost

1650 £/ € 1950



common length of hospitalisation

1 day




Other costs


1 night stay at the clinic

105 £ / € 120


pre-operation checkup

170 £ / € 200


The prices of all procedures include anesthesia, surgery procedure, postoperative care, all
medical materials + medicaments and food. In case of gastric balloon, the price in addition
includes the removal of balloon after 6 months.

In case of spatz gastric balloon, the price in addition includes the removal of the balloon after 12 months and one free volume adjustment if needed.

For other services details or prices please call them 00420 702 206 034 , request a call back or send them an email. You can also download their pricelist below.

Contact ISCARE Centre for obesity surgery in the Czech republic


Mobile phone: 00420 777878726
Send them an email: [email protected] or request a call back or fill in their contact form

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