Australian owned Medical Spa in Bali wins World Luxury Spa Award


Cocoon Medical Spa, Bali's largest cosmetic and wellness centre, has won a prestigious award from the World Luxury Spa Awards: "Best Medical Spa in Asia". This is after 2 awards last year including - Bali Spa of the year (Yak Awards) and Asia Medi-Spa of the year (AsiaSpa Awards).

Cocoon Medical Spa is a combination of stunning architecture, internationally trained doctors, latest medical equipment and technologies and Australian management. "Our whole focus is on creating the best visible results for the client in a serene Balinese setting" says Louise Cogan, the Australian owner, from Melbourne.

At Cocoon, the strategy was to start with high investment in training. All registered doctors and nurses have been trained by Australian and British doctors to bring the level of their skills and techniques and communication to international standards.

The key point of difference with any other cosmetic clinic is the holistic approach - combining Wellness treatments together with Cosmetic. Botox, Skin tightening, Skin rejuvenation treatments are combined with Detox and Vitamin IV to cleanse and balance the inner body, making cosmetic results more effective and last longer.

Latest technology is combined to bring visible results. "We chose superior technology that is safe, has low to no downtime and proven scientific results" Louise says.

Prices at the centre are competitive with other clinics on the island, and up to 80% less than the same treatment in Australia and NZ. "Ultimately, it is the great prices that draws tourists into having cosmetic treatments in Bali.

All treatments are done in a beautiful Balinese environment - a calm, relaxing 1,000sqm space with "pods in a cocoon" concept. 

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Cocoon Medical Spa


Indonesia - Bali

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