The Patients’ Guide to Treatment Abroad: New independent guide published


With many patients considering medical, dental or cosmetic treatments overseas due to long NHS waiting lists or high costs of private healthcare in the UK, a new independent guide, published this week, aims to give them the information they need to make informed choices. The guide features providers of eye surgery, dental treatment, cosmetic surgery and infertility treatment across Europe.  

The guide has been published in print form and is being distributed in patient waiting areas across the UK, covering a patient population of 36 million people.  

The Patients’ Guide to Treatment Abroad is available as an editorial based e-book published by, the UK’s leading website for independent advice on treatments, clinics, hospitals and doctors around the world.   The guide covers all aspects of medical tourism including:

  • What is medical tourism?
  • Will the NHS pay for your surgery abroad?
  • How much can you save by travelling overseas for treatment?
  • Is it safe to go abroad for treatment?
  • How do I choose a hospital or clinic?

The guide explores a number of the most common treatments that patients seek overseas including eye surgery, infertility treatment, orthopaedic surgery, dental treatment and cosmetic surgery, highlighting some of the leading clinics in different countries for each type of treatment.  

The guide also includes a handy checklist for patients considering cosmetic surgery abroad including questions to ask any surgeon they’re talking to, as well as things they should be asking and researching themselves before making a decision.  

The Patients’ Guide to Treatment Abroad is completely independent, written by experts in the field and points out the potential risks as well as the benefits of travelling abroad for treatment.  

Keith Pollard, Managing Editor of and of the new guide says it’s being published now for a good reason:   “The holiday season is a key moment for people to consider medical tourism. In-flight magazines, tourist guides and local advertising in holiday destinations highlight the opportunity for treatment overseas, and people on holiday have time to consider these options and the ease with which they can travel these days.  

“Our aim with this guide is for those patients thinking about going overseas, whether for medical treatment like hip replacement or fertility treatment, or for a cosmetic procedure, to make an informed choice. There are so many options for treatments, destinations and hospitals that it can be easy to be swayed by special offers or the ‘easy choice’. Armed with this guide, patients can make the right decision for themselves and their bodies.”  

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