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Longevita, Turkey’s leading medical travel company with a footprint across 20 private hospitals in Istanbul, Izmir and Antalya, offers free economy class return flights for international patients seeking surgery in Turkey. Patients also get no obligation free video consultation with their surgeons on Skype prior to making a decision on their medical travel. Authorized by the Republic of Turkey Ministry of Economy, Longevita’s free flights campaign contributes to the Turkish Government’s efforts in promoting medical travel to Turkey.

Demand on medical treatment abroad is growing rapidly and medical travel is becoming more and more popular around the globe. Turkey is one of the most visited destinations by patients in Europe and the Middle East. Every month, thousands visit Turkey for private surgery to benefit from affordable prices, high quality hospitals, and US or European board certified surgeons.

Going for a medical treatment abroad has many advantages. Firstly from a cost perspective, the package price of private medical treatment, flights and accommodation is much lower than the stand-alone surgery price in the Western world. Patients going to Turkey for surgery save from 30% up to 80% on costs. Secondly, patients going to Turkey do not need to put up with the long waiting lists of hospitals in the UK or Europe. Thirdly, Turkey has the highest number of JCI accredited hospitals in the world and the quality of the medical treatments are on par with the quality in Western countries if not better. Facilities are new and equipped with the cutting edge technology. Turkey has a lot of surgeons certified by international associations as well. Medical doctors start seeing patients very early in their medical career in Turkey, therefore they are more experienced than most of their European counterparts. Longevita provides an easy gateway to these advantages of medical treatment in Turkey.

Ozgur Taskaya, Medical Travel Coordinator at Longevita states the following in regards to Longevita’s free flights packages:

“We are proud to be the first and the only company offering free flights to international patients seeking hair transplantation, cosmetic surgery, dentistry and eye surgery in Turkey. Wherever our patients are in the world, they may benefit from Longevita’s all inclusive medical treatment packages covering the cost of their economy class return flights from their country to Turkey. All they need to do is contact Longevita to make a booking for their treatment. Longevita patients may do a no obligation free video consultation with their doctors prior to booking their medical treatment. In addition, Longevita patients from the UK may visit our partner dental clinics in the UK for in person consultation or aftercare.

"Our patients may have their hair transplantation for € 2,100, breast enlargement for €2,950 and nose surgery for €2,550 including all their medical expenses, return flights, accommodation and breakfast, airport transfers, and an English speaking host. We facilitate a wide range of other medical procedures for our patients as well.”

Thousands visit Turkey for private medical treatment with Longevita every year. Magda Baran, one of Longevita’s prior patients on cosmetic surgery stated, “I was thinking of going abroad for my surgery. I was considering Belgium or Spain initially, but when I came across Longevita on the Internet, I noticed that they were offering flights to Turkey for free. I enquired for a package price on their website. I must say I was very impressed with how well they were organized. I had a chat with an agent online on their website. I sent my pictures after the chat and got a treatment plan by a plastic surgeon the next day. A free video consultation with the surgeon was organized at my convenience couple of days later. The surgeon spoke fluent English, he was educated in the USA and his portfolio of before/after pictures were very convincing, so I decided to book my treatment with him. The whole experience in Turkey was fascinating, my surgery was a breeze, and I was never left alone thanks to my host Ugur. I stayed in a nice cosy hotel in Taksim Square. I would recommend Longevita in a heartbeat to anyone going for medical treatment abroad. Not only you save a great deal on costs, but also you have a quality treatment in a holiday setting.”

Longevita doctors are graduates of top medical schools, specialists in their fields, experienced in treating international patients, and recognized by international professional associations.

Prof. Dr. Fuat Yuksel, Longevita's specialist surgeon on cosmetic surgery, states that as a surgeon trained in Emory University in the USA, he keeps up with the cutting edge technology and new techniques in his profession. As an active member of International Society of Aesthetic Plastic Surgery, he attends ISAPS meetings regularly in order to continue his development. This year he complied his 25-year surgical experience in a book called “The story of breasts from history to date”.

According to medical tourism experts, Longevita’s free flights campaign will help Turkey attract more medical tourists in the next few months.

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