Medicare4U Ltd has merged with Norwegian Euromedicare to offer healthcare services in Scandinavia


Medicare4U Ltd is a UK based medical facilitator has entered into a contract with Euromedicare to facilitate the medical tourism in the Scandinavian region. After careful examination of the Norway and Sweden healthcare market it was confirmed that there is a strong demand for medical treatments outside the region. Every year thousands of people travel from Norway and neighbouring countries for high quality and affordable medical treatments in other states. The most popular destinations are Turkey, Eastern European countries, Russia and India. The treatments people travel most for are fertility treatment, eye surgery, dental work and heart care.

This partnership goes in line with Medicare4U strategy to pursue aggressive expansion within growing markets in medical tourism industry such as Scandinavian region.

“We arrived at this decision after observing in the past 6 months growing number of patients we have from Europe”, says Mr Pavel Oltarzhevskyy, Medicare4U Business Development Manager.

“Partnership between Medicare4U and Euromedicare will help many of our patients to have an easy access to various medical treatment by best medical experts from Turkey, Ukraine and other countries” comments Medicare4U CEO David Hosum.

Medical tourism is no longer an exotic for many patients looking for quality affordable medical treatment outside their counties of residency. Every year medical tourism becomes a bigger market with many more new destinations in Asia and Eastern Europe. For those who pursue medical travel from a EU country, US or UK it is often a real chance to have medical treatment without waiting lists and for up to 75% cheaper than in their countries.

There is no stigma attached to travelling abroad for procedures and treatments that are either hard to come by or extremely expensive at home. With specific reference to medical tourism, a paper produced in 2008 by the medical travel association included results of a survey undertaken amongst people who had travelled overseas for health care.

Of those polled, 76% said they would consider travelling abroad for health care, for the following reasons in order of importance:

- No waiting times

- Cost of treatment

- Success rates

- Availability of medical experts

- Positive reports from other patients

Of the 339 respondents, only 26 said that they would not consider going abroad as they were happy with the fertility treatment they receive in the UK and EU. Medicare4U is very experienced in arranging IVF treatment as well as other treatments and procedures such as dental, eye and cosmetic treatments, for people from all over the world.


Author / Source

Pavel Oltarzhevskyy


[email protected]

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