Renew your life – burnout prevention in Austria


Burnout Prevention programme “Alisanta – re-discover the lightness of being” from April 27 to May 11

How can we assure that all parts of our being are nurtured: our body, mind and soul? How can we happily strive for fulfilment and success in our work, live a joyful and fulfilled relationship and family life and make enough space just for our self? Life is a journey as we all know and we have to overcome challenges and difficult situations. Unfortunately, there is the human tendency to do too much, to spend more time fixing the outer issues then taking care of us. The good news is that we have the chance to re-discover the greatness and beauty of our life again and again.

How do we prevent ourselves from burning away our precious time? Alexandra Kubica, burnout specialist at the Alpen-Karawanserai Time Design Hotel in Austria will teach in her upcoming Burnout Prevention programme “Alisanta – re-discover the lightness of being” from April 27 to May 11, how to stay away from wasting our days in the endless treadmill of often self inflicted stress and anxiety.

The first step is to watch out for the symptoms of an emerging burnout, both physical and emotional:

Physical signs and symptoms of burnout:

• Feeling tired and drained most of the time

• weak immune system, feeling sick a lot

• Frequent headaches, back pain, muscle aches

• Change in appetite or sleep habits

Emotional signs and symptoms of burnout:

• Sense of failure and self-doubt

• Feeling helpless, trapped, and defeated

• Detachment, feeling alone in the world

• Loss of motivation

• Increasingly cynical and negative outlook

• Decreased satisfaction and sense of accomplishment


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