Hydrogen sulphide water – a miracle for the skin


Slovakia is known in Europe for its many natural springs with excellent water quality, not only of drinking water, but of healing water as well. A great example of how to use natural mineral water and its healing effects is the Spa Smrdáky 10 km away from Senica. For almost 180 years the Spa has specialised in treatment of skin diseases and diseases of the musculoskeletal system using unique natural resources – hydrogen sulphide mineral water and sulphurous mud.

The skin diseases treated here include psoriasis and atopic dermatitis. However, other chronic skin diseases are treated here as well, such as acne, lichen, dry skin in ichtyosis, itching (pruritus) and skin stiffening (sclerodermia). Likewise, the conditions after burns and acid burns of the skin. Musculoskeletal diseases treated here include especially psoriatic arthropathy, rheumatoid arthritis, arthroses, vertebrogenic spine diseases and conditions after spine operations. Comprehensive treatment is provided here not only for adults, but for children as well, beginning with three years of age already.

During the school year, schoolchildren have classes here. After classes and healing procedures the schoolchildren are provided with after-school childcare, with a teacher taking care of them. On the premises of the paediatric sanatorium there are playgrounds for children to play sports – football or basketball; there are climbing frames for the smaller kids in the park. Other games and activities are also available.

The most important procedures of the comprehensive treatment are mineral hydrogen sulphide baths, either for the whole body or just its parts, be it for face, arms or legs. Depending on the condition of the skin disease, permanganate baths, baths with different bath additives, whirlpool baths and Scottish showers are applied. Children learn here how to treat their skin adequately, because treatment with local preparations (ointments, creams, oils) forms an important part of the comprehensive care. And it has a great importance for the extension of the period without the symptoms of the disease and for preventing relapses. The comprehensive treatment includes also light therapy, be it in natural tanning salons or by several phototherapeutic devices of the type UVB-311 a UVA, which are available for the cases of bad weather. They are applied depending on the diagnosis and skin phototype.

When talking about the treatment procedures, we mustn’t forget the recommended length of stay. Although improvement is evident already after the first week of treatment, the best results are achieved after a three- to four-week stay. To stabilise the disease, it is recommended to repeat the Spa treatment annually. However, this is individual, depending on the extent and severity of the skin disease. After Spa treatment the patient stays without any symptoms about for half to three quarters of the year. The easiest and most effective is a 3-4-week stay paid by the health insurance company. The patient’s dermatologist or general physician for children and adolescents writes the proposals for Spa treatment. However, we do offer stays fully paid by our customers as well – either a healing or a relaxation stay.


Author / Source

Dr Ján Lidaj



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