Medico-Services, Bangkok, launches special all inclusive medical-wellness packages


Preparing for Rotary International Convention 2012 in Bangkok

MEDICO-Services, Bangkok, have launched specialised medical-wellness packages aiming to strengthen the reputation of Thailand as a leading healthcare hub and provide international visitors with the opportunity to experience the famous “Heal With A Smile” approach. These 1 week, all inclusive packages (transfers, accommodation, selected medical and wellness treatments), comprise fully comprehensive check-up programmes, anti-ageing wellness, detoxification and rejuvenation, skin and cosmetic rejuvenation treatments, ayurvedic and massage procedures. Details about these packages are available via –

The newly created and launched packages complement the regular medical/wellness consultancy and referral activities of MEDICO-Services, which enable and facilitate assistance for clients from around the globe who seek healthcare treatments and procedures of all kinds in Bangkok and Thailand respectively.

Some 30,000-40,000 attendants from around the globe are expected to flock to Bangkok in May 2012 for the annual flag meeting of Rotary International. This mega-event is of the utmost importance for Thailand, and the Thai authorities as well as the Host Organising Committee spare no effort in making this event a most memorable experience for international visitors.

Alongside the many host activities at the venue, as well as at several locations in Bangkok, with the support of the Bangkok Metropolitan Administration, a specialised Pre-/Post-Convention Tours Committee has been nominated to prepare such programmes and to attend to all travel-related matters for all guests. A powerful consortium of tour operators, attractions and entertainment providers, and transportation companies, has been established under the leadership of the committee’s chairman, Dr Zadok S. Lempert, a member of Rotary Club Bangkok and a tourism development veteran.

A large selection of tours (classic roundtrips, healthcare packages, golf, beach and leisure, luxury discovery with the Eastern & Oriental Express train) has been designed to satisfy all tastes for visiting Rotarians. The tours will cover all regions of Thailand and further programmes will also connect to the surrounding regional Mekong countries. All programmes will include fellowship and exchange opportunities with local Thai Rotary clubs along their routes, offering international visitors the opportunity to take part in community development and encouraging further international cooperation opportunities.

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