50% of men believe the IVF experience has strengthened their relationship


Nearly half of the men who have had an IVF treatment with their partners believe this experience has made their relationship even stronger. 45% of the women support this opinion. These are the results of an informal survey of 355 men and women with infertility problems in Bulgaria. The survey aimed at finding the main problems of the “stronger sex” in couples affected by infertility. It compares the male and female points of view on this topic to show if women are aware enough of what their male partners go through. The survey is an initiative of Zachatie Association.

44.3% of men report that waiting for the IVF results was the most difficult. 32.8% of men were concerned about the cost of the IVF treatment as well as about the IVF related tough and painful procedures. Women pointed out the same problems, although 5% of women considered men had nothing to worry about during the IVF treatment. Frequent absence from work was the least trouble for men (10%) and women (8.2%).

Over half of women believe their partners took calmly the news on the couple’s infertility. However, just 19% of men support this opinion, and 23.8% admit they were quite upset by this bad news, against just 8% of women who believe so.

54,8% of men and 39,4 % of women supposed the infertility might be due to them. 31.3% of men and 25.3 % of women worried about the test and treatments. 18% of men and 12.6% of women confess they felt nervous most of the time.

24.6% of men report about their lower self-confidence because of the IVF related tests and procedures, while just 16.3% of women realized this fact.

About 5% of all participants are proud to have passed through this experience which made them parents.

This informal survey is the first stage of ‘How to talk about infertility?’ initiative in Bulgaria. The next step planned is to organize a competition aimed at providing useful tips on how to discus infertility and IVF with your partner.




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