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Bulgaria is well known for dental tourism. For a number of years British, German, Scandinavian, French and Russian tourists have combined their vacation with dental treatment at reasonable cost at the specialized dental centres on our north Black Sea coast. Bulgarian south border towns of Petrich, Sandanski and Blagoevgrad are also popular for dental treatment among the Greeks and recently Rousse has become a dental treatment destination for Romanians as prices in Bucharest are much higher.

There are various reasons behind these dental trips to Bulgaria. Quite naturally price is on first place. Dental services in Bulgaria are 2- to 12-fold cheaper than in West Europe, while quality is not compromised in any way. Bulgarian dental centres are very well equipped and offer the latest fashion of dental consumables. The education of the Bulgarian dentists is often much better than the one of their colleagues abroad. Foreign media as well as dentists may state their doubts about the qualification of the East European medical specialists in general, but this is mostly because they have no interest in the fast growing medical tourism market in the new part of Europe. They need to keep their patients and their reaction is understandable. However, patients coming here, especially from the UK and some parts of Germany, complain about the shortcomings of their local dental services, where the access to a highly qualified dentist requires months of waiting, and on top of that costs are much higher than in Bulgaria. To reach a dentist in Bulgaria you need no more than a week waiting time and about a two-hour flight from any part of Europe. Moreover, the country offers excellent opportunities for combining a dental vacation with a holiday of sea, SPA, cultural and historical tours and sports such as golf, horse riding or rafting at affordable prices.

What kind of dental services are mostly sought after by foreigners? These are related to dental implants, dentures and porcelain veneers. The prices of these services in Bulgaria are 2 to 3 times lower than in West Europe.

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