Kreativ Dental Clinic invest in the future of Dental Treatment Abroad


Hungarian based Dental Tourism company, Kreativ Dental Clinic have taken the next revolutionary step in order to continue producing superior restorative dental work with the introduction of the new ARCUSdigma II, the high-tech 3D bite registration system that ensures patients a precision fit for all crowns, bridges, dentures and a comfortable and healthy bite.

Kreativ Dental has offered world-class dental treatment in Budapest since the establishment of its first clinic in 1996 and is the first major dental clinic in Budapest to use the ARCUSdigma II.

The ARCUSdigma II digitally measures and records the movements and positions of the jaws as they move from left to right and backwards and forwards. These values are programmed into the ARCUSdigma articulator and are then used by Kreativ’s dental technicians to ensure a precision fit and efficient production of restorations such as full porcelain crowns and implant-retained dentures for patients.

Since February 2011 Dr Ulrich Wegmann who is the Vice-Head of the Department for Preclinical Education and Dental Research at the Dental Faculty of the University of Bonn in Germany has been acting consultant with Kreativ Dental’s Laboratory and Dental team for the successful introduction of this revolutionary new technique.

Ben Erskine, head of Kreativ Dental UK, the UK office for Kreativ Dental Clinic said

offering such high quality treatment and service in order to produce superior dental works with ARCUSdigma II is a rarity that most clinics are not able to provide.

“Our dental specialists in Hungary are regularly treating complex dental cases, with the introduction of the ARCUSdigma II, to survey the patient’s bite problems in ultrasonic 3D, we are able to produce unrivalled world-class dental restoration work (crowns, bridges, dentures)”, he said.

ARCUSdigma II is often recommended for patients who will have large restoration works such as crown and bridgework or dentures, especially when the patient’s bite (occlusion) needs to be corrected or raised. Should functional disturbances be recognised in the movement analysis, a new therapeutic position can be defined for the patient. If necessary bite adjustments are not carried out you can risk damaging your dental restoration, as well as your jaws and teeth. This new technology from top German dental manufacturer KaVo has proven to be reliable in diagnosis and therapy.



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