Top 10 list of how to find a quality Medical Travel Facilitator


How do you find a quality Medical Travel Facilitator? There are quality Medical Travel Facilitators ready to help you; that have the experience, background and knowledge to guide you to top doctors and hospitals in their network and assist you throughout the whole process. Here is a list that may help you select your next Medical Travel Facilitator.

1. Are they a member of any Alliance, Association or Quality assurance in Medical Tourism? This shows the potential client that they are certified & recognized in the industry.

2. Privacy! Do they comply with all the privacy guidelines? For example, HIPPA for the U.S. (Health Insurance Portability & Accountability Act) or Canada’s PIPEDA (Personal Information Protection & Electronic Documents Act). And what do they do with your personal health information once you are no longer a client, are the records destroyed properly and emails encrypted and/or deleted?

3. Does the Medical Travel Facilitator provide real patient testimonials of satisfied customers or before and after unaltered/unphotoshopped patient results from the actual doctors in their network?

4. What are the accreditations of the Hospitals or physicians that they represent?

5. Has the Medical Travel Facilitator ever been to one or all of the Hospitals that they recommend?

6. Has the Medical Travel Facilitator explained some of the potential “culture shock” that a client may experience in certain countries?

7. A good Medical Travel Facilitator should present the client with their custom health proposal & recommendations and not make them feel coerced or pressured. It’s ultimately the client’s decision on whether they want to travel abroad for medical reasons.

8. Does the Hospital or Doctor that the Medical Travel Facilitator represents have the appropriate insurance and/or medical indemnity?

9. A good Medical Travel Facilitator should discuss several specialized travel insurance options for the Medical Tourist.

10. Does the Medical Travel Facilitator follow up with you once you have arrived back from the client’s treatment?

This may not be the definitive list but it certainly is off to a great start. Happy travels!

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