NHS-weary patients seek Polish dentistry


Poland has reportedly become the destination of choice for many Scottish patients seeking dental treatment.

Frustrations over long waiting lists and treatment prices - fees have soared by £60 million over the last year - have led to many people looking further afield and Poland's reputation for quality dentistry and low prices has attracted large numbers of dental tourists.

Demand is expected to rise by a further 20 per cent this year, the BBC reports, with some clinics being particularly popular among Scots.

One such clinic, the IQ Medica centre in Warsaw, sees a high number of foreign patients.

The clinic's Dr Thomas Foik told the BBC: "Usually our prices are for high quality materials and they are usually compared on the internet with Scottish prices for low cost materials.

"To do the same thing as we do here in Scotland or Great Britain would be three to five times more expensive," he claimed.

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