British dentists 'most expensive in Europe'


Costly UK dental care could lead more patients to seek treatment abroad, a report suggests.

British dentists are charging more for dental care than in any other country in Europe, a survey, by Siok Swan Tan of the Institute for Medical Technology Assessment at Erasmus University, Rotterdam, revealed.

The Independent noted that in March last year two million people in the UK were not able to access dental treatment on the NHS.

Yet during a Labour Party Conference speech in 1999, then-prime minister Tony Blair had said everyone would have NHS dental treatment.

The survey showed that the cheapest countries for getting dental care are Poland (€18 or £13.48) and Hungary (€8).

"Without exception, labour costs were the most important cost driver in all countries and practices," said Ms Swan Tan.

Recently the British Dental Association's chief executive Peter Ward said that he welcomed the news that the government is to increase the NHS dentistry budget for the commissioning of primary care dental services.

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