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With many dental treatments simply not available on the NHS and the cost of private dental work rocketing, many people in the UK have neglected their dental health and shied away from much needed treatments. However, we are now seeing a dramatic change as a result of low cost treatments available from professional dental teams working in top quality clinics abroad. One of the major players in this rapidly growing market is the Kreativ Dental Clinic, which is owned by Attila Knott, also known as “Attila the Gum”, and is based in the Hungarian capital of Budapest. Hungary has established itself as a highly respected centre for dentistry and incredibly a third of all Austrians now choose to cross the border to Hungary for their dental treatment.

Kreativ Dental was the very first company to specialise in dental tourism. Since opening, the clinic has built up an enviable reputation as one of Europe's premier dental establishments. A new, purpose-built clinic opened on the 2nd July with brand new equipment. It has 8 surgeries, its own laboratory and even a roof garden and café for patients. The clinic now attracts thousands of clients each year, amongst them a growing number of actors, pop stars and politicians eager to improve that all-important winning smile.

Its UK division Kreativ Dental UK,has been established to promote the Budapest clinic and to offer its low-cost advanced dental techniques to UK citizens. With the introduction of many budget airlines now flying to Budapest from the UK and prices starting as low as just £17 each way, it is easy to see why the clinic is proving such an attraction. Kreativ Dental UK can also take care of hotel accommodation, offering two good quality hotels just five minutes away from their dental centre.

The savings made by opting for treatment abroad can be enormous. In Britain a crown can now cost as much as £1000 from a private dentist. The same treatment at the Kreativ Dental Clinic costs just £180. One British patient had 17 teeth out which his UK dentist estimated would cost up to £15,000 for the bridgework, or a staggering £30,000 for implants, compared with £6,000 to £7,000 in Hungary. Dental implants, which can cost almost £2000 each in the UK are £580 at Kreativ. Even if treatments require several short visits over a period of months, the savings are still considerable.

Many people who have chosen to take a 'teeth holiday', as they are often referred to, have thoroughly enjoyed the experience, meeting new friends and taking in a few days holiday in what has to be one of Europe's most wonderful and historic cities.

The Kreativ Dental UK website details the whole range of treatments available at the clinic along with a comprehensive price list. Clients can browse through a gallery of photos of past treatments, and find information on each member of the Kreativ Dental team, the dental centre itself, and the laboratory. There are also images of the spectacular new clinic, and a wealth of information on the city of Budapest, including hotels and flight options from the UK. Most importantly, clients can read the many testimonials recommending the clinic's services.

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