Indian men keen on cosmetic surgery


Cosmetic surgeons in India are being kept busy with both locals and medical tourists keen to improve their appearance by going under the knife.

According to Dr Hemant Saraiya, a cosmetic surgeon based in Ahmedabad, around 300 to 400 cosmetic surgery procedures are performed every month in the city, and men are becoming more and more likely to opt for procedures.

"Over the last five years or so the number of male patients coming for cosmetic surgery has increased significantly," he told the Indian Express.

"In fact, I would say these days more male patients come to me than female patients," the surgeon revealed.

The majority of male cosmetic surgery patients hope to reduce facial scars or have their nose reconstructed, and Dr Saraiya revealed that over three quarters of the nose reconstructions he performs are on male patients.

"Men are more conscious now, they have more disposable income especially young men, and going for a cosmetic surgery is not looked down upon anymore," he added.

India offers some of the best medical treatment in the world and the nation's medical tourism industry is growing by nearly a third every year as a result of this reputation.

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