NHS failings forcing dental patients to Hungary


A growing number of British citizens are choosing to travel to European countries such as Hungary to seek dental treatment, a company specialising in treatment abroad has revealed.

Marketing manager of VitalEurope Paula Szorfi says that the trend for medical tourism is largely down to failings within the NHS which, she claims, is leading people to look elsewhere for treatment.

"It is due to the inability of the NHS to provide many remedial, cosmetic and even routine dental procedures as well as the high cost of private treatment," Ms Szorfi remarked.

"The often criticised state of NHS dentistry and the shortage of skilled dentists have driven up the prices of private dentistry in the UK," she continued.

"People travel to Hungary because they cannot afford state-of-the-art cosmetic and restorative dentistry in the UK, while others simply cannot pass up the savings of 50 to 70 per cent."

Ms Szorfi said that many central European nations have been making the most of the medical tourism boom, with Hungary and Poland being the main players.

"Europeans have for decades been travelling to Budapest for first-class dentistry at a fraction of the cost they'd pay at home," she said, adding that Hungarians are famous throughout the world for their "high qualification, expertise and practical experience"

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