Patients Beyond Borders: Everybody's Guide to Affordable, World-Class Medical Tourism

by Josef D. Woodman

Publisher: Healthy Travel Media

Price: £10.46

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Patients Beyond Borders is the first comprehensive, easy-to-understand guide to medical tourism, aimed at the 84 million uninsured and under-insured Americans seeking treatment options abroad for increasingly expensive procedures in the US. From Thailand's American-accredited Bumrungrad hospital to Eric Clapton's Crossroads Clinic to Johns Hopkins International hospitals, health travelers now have a full array of the world's safest, best choices in treatment centers and physicians.

Whether patients are seeking dental work, heart surgery, orthopedics, cosmetic surgery, neurosurgery, or LASIK eye repair, Patients Beyond Borders is the best way to become an informed health traveler and get patients started on their health travel journey.

Part One: "How to Become a Savvy, Informed Medical Traveler" provides all the information and tools patients need to make safe, intelligent and cost-effective decisions about healthcare abroad: how to plan and budget a health journey, finding the highest-quality hospitals and treatment centers, finding the best physicians and surgeons, working with health travel planners, and more.

Part Two: "The Most-Traveled Health Destinations" provides never-before-published information on treatment options in 14 countries, including fully-accredited hospitals and clinics, health travel agents, treatment specialties and super-specialties, recovery retreats, accommodations and more. Includes Patients Beyond Borders Treatment and Country Finder and Medical Travel Budget Planner.

Patients Beyond Borders is the medical traveler's first complete guide to a world of new healthcare options.

About the Author Author Josef Woodman has spent more than three years researching contemporary medical tourism, interviewing patients, practitioners, administrators, government officials and specialists in the field, while conducting an extensive analysis of safety records, accreditations, success rates and consumer trends. With significant resources and contacts from his pioneering background in health technology on the Web, Woodman has compiled a wealth of information for the American public about important healthcare choices.

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