Obesity treatment at the LUX MED Hospital

Obesity is a serious disease! Its main causes involve an unhealthy diet and lack of exercise. Genetic factors, certain diseases and medicinal products may also have influence. If your BMI is over 35, it is high time to contact a specialist! At the LUX MED Hospital, they provide comprehensive diagnostics and consultation in the treatment of various obesity types, including dietary, psychological, endoscopic and surgical procedures.

Obesity is a condition in which excess adipose tissue affects the Patient's health. Usually, it occurs because a person eats too many calories (energy) and doesn't have enough physical activity. In the Hospital Obesity Therapy Centre of the LUX MED Hospital, we take care of Patients during the whole process of treatment: both ambulatory (consultations with a specialist in dietetics and a psychologist), low invasive treatment (Orber’s balloon) and surgeries in cases where previous methods has not resulted in improvement and the problem of overweight requires implementing radical surgical methods.

Remember: obesity increases the risk of a number of health problems including cancer, heart disease and type 2 diabetes!

They provide:

Consultations with a dietician — helps in giving the therapy a proper direction, taking into consideration comorbid disease prevention, which supports the patient both in conservative treatment and after bariatric procedures. The dietician will also prepare an individual nutritional plan depending on medical treatment.

Psychological consultation — after establishing you medical history, the consultation helps motivate and inspire a full change, including appearance and eating habits, as well as changes in the area of enhancing self-esteem, effectively overcoming life crises and controlling emotions.

• Consultation with a physician qualifying for surgery — based on the information provided and the patient’s condition, the doctor proposes a treatment program and presents detailed advantages and limitations of the procedure. Once the surgery is completed, the patient will work with a specialist obesity team who will help them make changes in the diet.

Obesity treatment procedures at LUX MED Hospital

At the LUX MED Hospital, they perform the following procedures in obesity treatment:

Gastric balloon insertion

This method involves placing a soft, silicone balloon, which is then filled with saline, in a patient's stomach (under the control of a gastroscope). The full balloon is too big to move outside of the stomach and safely reduces its volume, thereby reducing the amount of food intake. The material from which it is made is resistant to stomach acid. Visible under X-ray, self-closing valve enables to specify the position of the balloon and the level of its filling. The balloon stays in the stomach for 6 months. The procedure of inserting the balloon lasts about 30 minutes. Average patient’s weight loss depends mostly on eaten food and in the case of following the diet, it is about 30%. After removing the balloon, stomach volume returns to the state before the surgery, but it is easier for patients to keep developed eating habits, and the habit of eating smaller meals contributes to stabilization of body weight.

The procedure costs approx. £1,600.

Laparoscopic insertion of adjustable gastric band

Restrictive surgery of insertion of a silicone band (with adjustable cuff) on the upper part of the stomach. Above the band, a small reservoir is then formed and the band itself prevents the food from passing to further parts of the stomach, which contributes to reducing the amount of food intake. Procedures are performed laparoscopically. Thanks to the adjustable cuff, it is possible to narrow or broaden the lumen of the band, which influences the regulation of food passing to further parts of the gastrointestinal tract, and hence, the rate of weight loss.

The procedure costs approx. £4,000.

Cuff gastrectomy

Restrictive bariatric procedure performed most commonly by laparoscopy. It involves removing about 85% of the enlarged stomach and leaving only a fragment. The stomach becomes a thin tube. The remaining part of the stomach, detached by use of the so-called staples, is then removed outside of the body. Gastric volume reduction to approximately 150 ml means that the Patient cannot take such large volumes of food as before the treatment. In certain cases, in patients in whom weight loss is insufficient, or in very obese patients — cuff gastrectomy may be the first of several steps in surgical treatment of obesity. The surgery is performed under general anaesthesia. After the surgery, the patient has to stay at the hospital for several days. Recovery may take several weeks. After the procedure, patients have to completely change their eating habits. For the first 2 weeks after the surgery, it is recommended to use liquid or blended diet. Solid food shall be introduced gradually, as directed by the doctor. Weight loss may equal 50–80% in the first 6–12 months after the procedure. Studies have shown its beneficial effects on the control of, e.g., diabetes, hypertension, cholesterol level or sleep apnoea syndrome.

The cost amounts to approx. £4,300.

Procedures are performed by Professor Krzysztof Paśnik, MD, PhD, Professor Wiesław Tarnowski, MD, PhD — authorities in the area of general surgery and surgical obesity treatment; as well as Wojciech Dąbrowski, MD and Wojciech Kosmala, MD — specialists in endoscopic diagnostics. At the LUX MED Hospital, they insert gastric balloons and take care of the patients after the procedures.

Losing weight takes time and effort, so the patient should think about why they want to lose weight and whether they are ready to make the required changes. Qualification procedure for the surgical treatment of obesity will help the patients understand the treatment process and allow them to get well prepared.

For more information about obesity surgery at LUX MED Hospital, you can contact them via phone or email:

LUX MED Hospital
ul. Puławska 455
02-801 Warsaw

Tel: 0048 22 431 20 59

*Mondays through Fridays 8 a.m. – 8 p.m.
Saturdays 8 a.m. – 4 p.m.

Email: [email protected]


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Part of BUPA International Group, LUX MED Hospital in Warsaw, Poland is an extensively equipped modern hospital offering a comprehensive range of plastic surgery, obesity surgery and aesthetic medicine procedures. Treatments available include gastric balloon, gastric band, breast augmentation, facelift, liposuction, abdominoplasty, nose reshaping and eyelid correction.

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