What should I expect on my first dental treatment abroad visit?

How successful your first dental treatment abroad visit is will depend on how comfortable you are with the dental clinic abroad you have chosen. First, it is important to find a dental clinic you can trust. You should receive a quote from the dental treatment coordinator (TCO) or dental clinic manager that has all the inclusions you might expect; detailed dental treatment, consultation, X-rays, and future check ups. Your dental clinic abroad should also provide information regarding airline links, accommodations and the clinic driver will pick you up and return you to your airport at no charge.

First dental treatment abroad visit

On your first dental treatment abroad visit, the TCO will take a full health history. On subsequent visits, if your health status has changed, make sure to tell the TCO. The dentist may feel you need a thorough cleaning prior to treatment. In fact, you may want to get a cleaning before you leave the UK or plan the time to have the cleaning at the clinic abroad.

At the consultation with the dentist you will formalise your dental treatment plan with the dentist and TCO. This is the time to decide if you feel comfortable with the dentist and trust his judgement for your dental treatment.

A full examination

Usually when you travel abroad for your dental treatment, you have already had a full dental examination so your dentist abroad will not perform a thorough examination. However it is best to send the dental clinic any X-rays of your teeth, gums and mouth. The dentist will probably take more X-rays to identify any problems for your chosen treatment that may need special attention.


Depending on your age, risks of disease and any symptoms, your dentist abroad will take X-rays. X-rays can diagnose problems otherwise unnoticed, such as damage to jawbones, impacted teeth, infections, etc...


If you had an early flight from the UK, you will have your consultation with the dentist in the early afternoon and may begin treatment on your first visit.

At the end of the first visit, you should be completely aware of what your treatment will be, when it will take place and how much it will cost.

Dental treatment abroad is fast, cost effective and the materials used are UK quality.  Make sure your clinic is UK accredited and read any reviews or recommendations from past patients.


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Dental Holiday (Smile Clinic Slovakia) is a provider of high quality, affordable dental services with clinics in Bratislava and Piestany, Slovakia. With a friendly atmosphere, state-of-the-art facilities and the option of 'sedative/deep sleep' treatment, the clinics offer a full range of general, restorative and cosmetic dentistry procedures including dental implants, root canal treatment, veneers, crowns and bridges, and tooth whitening.

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