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Infusio: Natural healing centre in Frankfurt, Germany

Infusio is a state-of-the-art European natural healing centre based in Frankfurt, Germany with a second clinic also available in Shanghai, China. The concept was derived from naturopath Philip Battiade and treatment is carried out by an international team who specialise in an innovative and holistic approach to treating chronic degenerative diseases and cancers.

The clinic’s founder and established naturopath, Philip Battiade created the Infusio concept as he believes healing the body from chronic diseases can be attempted through combining alternative, natural methods with allopathic medicine, offering an individualised and tailored approach to every patient.

Why choose Infusio? 

Infusio Frankfurt is a natural healing centre and treatment clinic, with a spa-ambience.The institute is designed with a focus to help treat a number of chronic degenerative illnesses, auto-immune diseases such as Lyme disease, diabetes and cancer, but with a holistic approach. Infusio is known for its extensive IV protocols and innovative stem cell-based treatments as well as its strong focus on the mind-body aspect to healing, which is reflected in the authentic care of the team.

Treatments available at Infusio Frankfurt

All of their treatment plans are based on a 5-step approach, which includes the following

  • Immune Modulation
  • Cellular Optimisation
  • Detoxification
  • Disease Specific Treatment 
  • Mind-Body Medicine 

Infusio believes that these five components for this alternative treatment method are important in supporting the healing process from treatment. 

Their dedicated and supportive team of English-speaking naturopathic doctors, nurses and therapists offer an innovative approach to medicine. Infusio’s team also works with extensive infrastructure of local specialist consultants and laboratories. Their oncology advisory board assists in advanced diagnostic and customized treatment plans for cancer patients.

Their treatment claims to help rebuild the immune system, reach optimal health and attempts to target the root cause of health disorders, through their Lyme disease, cell therapy and cancer care programs.

Treatment modalities offered

  • Dendritic Cell Therapy
  • Colon-hyrdo Therapy
  • High Dose Ozone Therapy
  • Low-Level Laser Therapy
  • Exosome Therapy
  • Regional Hyperthermia
  • Global Diagnostics 
  • Lymphatic Drainage
  • Physiotherapy/Bodywork
  • Nutritional Counseling
  • Thymus Therapy
  • Doxycycline/Vit C
  • Pulsatile IV Insulin Therapy
  • IV Laetrile (B17)
  • IV DCA
  • IV Curcumin
  • IV Artesunate
  • IV ECCG (Green Tea Extract)
  • Proprietary IV cocktails consisting of various vitamins, minerals, amino acids and trace elements

At Infusio, patients will experience a relaxing, tranquil atmosphere, along with outstanding and authentic care, truly boasting a treatment centre with a difference.
Instead of scheduling appointments, Infusio’s dedicated team of consultants give their patients a visiting time of two to three hours, which allows them to take time to relax and enjoy their healing process. 

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