Happy Beginnings, LLC: Egg donation and surrogacy in Illinois, USA

Based in Illinois, USA, Happy Beginnings matches healthy and compassionate young women with infertile intended parents from around the world to make building a family a stress-free, affordable reality.  Led by owner and co-founder, Jamie Smith, the professional and caring team support egg donors, surrogate mothers and intended parents alike to ensure a streamlined, enjoyable process that meets the highest ethical standards.

Happy Beginnings has over fifteen years’ experience in the field of third party reproduction and over that time has matched hundreds of infertile families with caring young women to build families through egg donation and gestational surrogacy,  a procedure whereby the egg implanted in the surrogate mother is not genetically or biologically related to the surrogate mother.

Why choose Happy Beginnings?

  • International agency, partnering with families from across the globe and with national and international clinics
  • Illinois’s surrogacy legislation means that the intended parents are immediately considered the legal parents avoiding the need for an adoption process
  • Personal, professional guidance to all parties involved
  • All clients welcome regardless of racial background, marital status or sexual orientation
  • Transparent, affordable pricing

Services available

Egg donors

Happy Beginnings welcome caring, responsible women onto their egg donation programme and co-ordinate all stages of the process. Egg donors accepted onto the programme are offered compensations up to $15,000 and higher in recognition of their time and effort.


Happy Beginnings work closely with women wishing to help a family become parents through gestational surrogacy. Support services include:

  • Initial psychological consultation
  • Monthly teleconferences lead by a registered nurse, licensed psychologist or social worker
  • Assigned mentors
  • Bi-weekly calls
  • Case manager in charge of disbursing payments due per the surrogacy contract, ensuring that all medical and insurance bills are paid in a timely matter, etc.


Happy Beginnings welcome intended parents from the USA and abroad, offering the practical and emotional support needed to build a family through a third party. The company prides itself on being caring, sensitive and supportive and is committed to providing an individualised service that respects the confidentiality and privacy of all parties.

The following services are available to intended parents:

Egg Donation:

Gestational Surrogacy:

Match facilitation: egg donor

Match facilitation: surrogate mother

Cycle co-ordination

Cycle co-ordination

Non-medical ovum donor screening

Non-medical surrogate screening

Case management

Case management

Collaboration with primary fertility clinic

Collaboration with primary fertility clinic

Medical appointment arrangements

Medical appointment arrangements

Travel co-ordination

Travel co-ordination

Expense account management

Expense account management

Frequent status updates

Frequent status updates

Standard legal contracts (optional)

Surrogate support meetings

Conference call (IP, donor and agency – upon request)

Conference call (IP, surrogate and agency)

National public database search (donor id verification and criminal background review)

National public database search (surrogate id verification and criminal background review)

Donor MMPI & psychological evaluation

Surrogate MMPI & psychological evaluation

Attorney representation (preferred rates)

Attorney representation (preferred rates)

Accident & complication insurance

Infectious disease testing – surrogate mother

Secondary clinic co-ordination (donor local monitoring)

Secondary clinic co-ordination (surrogate local monitoring)

In-depth background investigation of donor (optional)

In-depth background investigation of surrogate (optional)

Translation services & document translation (optional)

Translation services & document translation (optional)

Lab testing (preferred rates)

Lab testing (preferred rates)

Shared risk policy (optional)



Affordable egg donation and surrogacy in the USA

Internationally respected for its experience and professionalism, Happy Beginnings has the expertise to make building a family a stress free, affordable option.

Egg donor programme:
Agency service co-ordination fee: $6,500 (exclusive of additional and optional services)
Donor fee starting at: $3,500

Surrogacy programme:
Agency service co-ordination fee: $20,000 (exclusive of additional and optional services)
Surrogate mother fee: $15,000 upwards

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