ADONIS FAMILY: Infertility clinic in Kyiv, Ukraine

ADONIS FAMILY is a state-of-the-art assisted reproductive center in Kyiv, Ukraine which has been treating patients for over 20 years as part of ADONIS’ Medical Group of Companies. With a focus on surrogate motherhood, the staff at ADONIS FAMILY is devoted to using their knowledge and experience to help patients to achieve their goal of having a child.

At ADONIS, they understand how important it is for their patients is to begin their journey as fast as possible.

They are now offering a SPECIAL SPRING OFFER for IVF Egg Donation (6 vitrificated oocytes). At the moment, the program costs 2900 euros.
The price includes:

  • preparation of the endometrium (without the cost of medicines)
  • thawing of oocytes
  • preparation of sperm
  • ICSI for 6 oocytes
  • cultivation of embryos
  • embryo transfer
  • embryological supply associated with these stages

Please note that the medicines, hCG and ultrasound that confirm the pregnancy are not included into the cost of the program.

*the Special Offer is limited, so, they kindly ask you to contact them as soon as possible to reserve the program on the terms of the promotion

Why choose the fertility clinic in Ukraine?

The IVF clinic boasts excellent success rates as seen below (based on 100 cases of embryo transfer):


The clinic is also equipped with the latest fertility technology, and has top quality doctors and International Department coordinators who are available 24/7, making the process smooth and simple.

All information sent to ADONIS FAMILY is strictly confidential, so your details will be safe.

You will be fully informed about your treatment as your personal coordinator will provide you with your individual treatment plan with a detailed description.

You can be assured that you will receive the best care, with personalized and attentive approach given throughout your treatment.

Treatments offered at the IVF clinic

ADONIS FAMILY offers the full range of reproductive treatments, including diagnostics and treatment of gynecological problems, such as:

Their programs are also personally selected to cater to your individual needs.

If you would like to undergo surrogacy, you also have the option of surrogacy with egg donation and surrogacy with sperm donation. These programs will include (where necessary and not limited to):

  • Selection and examination of surrogate mother
  • *Selection of egg or sperm donors (if necessary)
  • Translation and legalization of Patient's documents
  • Development and notarization of individual draft of surrogacy contract
  • Patient coordination service
  • Cryopreservation and storage of sperm and embryos
  • IVF program with the cost of medicines
  • Pregnancy monitoring program
  • Childbirth at the ADONIS Maternity Hospital
  • Legal services for the child’s registration
  • Documentation advice

Surrogacy Process

1.At the start of your journey, you will be assigned a personal coordinator who will support you throughout your treatment. ADONIS FAMILY is dedicated to meeting with you and providing you with all the information you need to make an informed choice prior to starting your treatment.

2.After finalizing your treatment process, you will be asked to sign a contract pertaining to:

  • The selection of a surrogate mother
  • The selection of an oocyte/sperm donor
  • The development of an individual draft of the surrogate motherhood agreement
  • The provision of coordination services during the program
  • Legal services for the registration of a child

3. You will undergo IVF provided that you are completely healthy, the surrogate mother will agree to become pregnant with assisted reproductive technologies, to bear and give birth to a child and to give the child to the genetic parents.

4. ADONIS FAMILY can monitor the pregnancy of surrogate mothers at their clinic, recommending that surrogates move to Kiev from their 7th month of pregnancy. Biological parents have the opportunity to be present at the birth of their baby and stay together in the same room just after the birth.

5. After the childbirth, all necessary documents and forms are signed. Specialists at ADONIS FAMILY can help you to obtain a birth certificate and, if the parents are international, help you to prepare documents for your own embassy.


If you would like to book a consultation with ADONIS FAMILY, please contact them on [email protected] or +380 (67) 233-09-08.

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