Clinica Tambre: IVF and infertility treatment in Spain

Located in the centre of Madrid, Clinica Tambre is a leading Spanish fertility clinic offering a comprehensive range of services including IVF, egg donation, IUI, IUD, embryo donation, the ROPA method and fertility preservation, from a highly experienced multidisciplinary team. The clinic’s investment in cutting edge technology combined with a caring and personalised approach, ensure that the clinic enjoys a forefront position in terms of success rates.


Why choose Clinica Tambre?

  • State-of-the art clinic with ISO9001:2015 and ISO14001 accreditation
  • 40 years’ expertise in assisted reproduction
  • Multidisciplinary team with extensive experience of complex cases
  • High pregnancy rates
  • Over 20 years’ experience in looking after international patients
  • Personalised, fully tailored care
  • Only European clinic to receive the EFQM European Quality Management Finalists Prize in 2005 & 2008
  • Centrally located in a high-end residential area 15 minutes-drive from Madrid airport

Treatments available at Clinica Tambre

High quality affordable IVF and infertility treatment in Spain

Clinica Tambre provides high quality, personalised IVF and infertility treatment at fair and affordable prices. A guide to costs is detailed below:

Initial consultation: 90 € deductible from the final cost of treatment



Artificial insemination (AI)


Homologue AI

975 €

AI with donor sperm

1300 €



IVF – in vitro fertilisation



From 4250 €

ROPA (sperm donor included)

From 4730 €

Egg donation

From 5900 €

Egg and sperm donation

6250 €



Embryo adoption


Donated embryos

2000 €

Tambre’s gametes

3000 €



Egg freezing


Egg freezing (inc. first year storage)

1750 €

Thawed embryo transfer

1450 €







GERI® Incubator Time-Lapse System

400 €

Blastocysts culture

450 €

Embryos vitrification (inc. first year storage)

650 €



Andrology and laboratory


Sperm bank

325 €

TESA: Testicular biopsy (Testicular Sperm Aspiration)

1455 €





PGD (Pre-implantation genetic diagnosis)

1500 €

PGD with NGS (till 8 embryos)

2050 €

Matching / recombining

1200 €

Embryo biopsy on day 5 for PGD with NGS

550 €

Sperm sample vitrification

350 €

Embryo vitrification (inc. first year storage)

650 €

Maintenance oocytes or embryos per year

350 €


Clinica Tambre
Infertility clinic in Madrid
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