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Ovum Fertility Consultants Group provide advice, assistance, and diagnosis of infertility problems in couples. They believe that one in six couples will, or is already, facing fertility problems.

The male factor in infertility is estimated to account for 33% of fertility problems, the female factor 33%, and the remainder is considered to be due to unspecified factors. 

When you visit Ovum Fertility Consultants Group in Greece, the specialists will make an extensive examination of the history of both partners, as well as an initial assessment of the problem, and perform an atrial ultrasound to investigate the anatomy of the pelvis.

During a subsequent visit the test results will be available to diagnose and explain the causes of infertility.

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Specialised infertility treatments and services in Athens

The main purpose of Ovum Fertility Consultants Group is to advise new couples and undertake progenetic tests in order to explore male or female infertility problems.

The following services are available at this fertility clinic in Athens:

In vitro fertilisation - the term IVF encompasses a wide range of techniques to help infertile couples to have a child. It's now thirty years since the first birth of an IVF assisted child. Many problems that cause infertility can now be addressed much more easily with success rates reaching sixty percent after three or four cycles. At Ovum their vast experience enables them to successfully treat couples with chronic infertility problems who have suffered failures in previous treatments.

Infertility treatments - There are four main therapeutic infertility treatments:

  1. Hormone therapy to improve sperm or induce ovulation
  2. The surgical and microsurgical correction of varicocele and testicular biopsy
  3. Insemination using a sperm sample from the male partner
  4. In some cases there are even more specialized techniques relating to assisted reproductive techniques like in vitro fertilization or, in cases of male infertility, using ICSI.

Preimplantation genetic diagnosis - this is the process of identifying diseases in the genetic material of the embryo and then selecting for embryo transfer only healthy embryos obtained during a cycle of IVF.

Infertile couple testing - every couple should realise that fertility problems are very common; there is no stigma nor anything to be ashamed about. Only your doctor can choose the right treatment for you. Modern medical knowledge and technology ensures that the majority of the couples that take the advice of experts will enjoy a successful pregnancy.

Egg donation - a straightforward procedure with no waiting list and a wide selection of available donors, all of whom live in Greece, mostly Europeans with some Africans and a few Asians.

All donors are tested regularly for HIV1,2, HCV, VDRL, HBsAg, vaginal swabs, according to the local law, which is similar to HFEA, as well as karyotype and cystic fibrosis. Furthermore, a complete personal and family medical history is taken. Donors remain anonymous and only specific characteristics can be given, such as height, weight, colour of eyes and hair, complexion of skin as well as educational level and occupation.

Ovum's egg donation programme results over the last year:

  • Positive pregnancy tests: 76.5%
  • Ongoing pregnancy rate: 67%
  • Live birth rate: 61%

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