British Cyprus IVF Hospital

British Cyprus IVF Hospital is a world renowned IVF and infertility clinic located on the scenic island of Cyprus. With success rates higher than the EU averages and prices amongst the lowest available; they provide an unmatched service. As experts in infertility and IVF treatments, the British Cyprus IVF Hospital offers a wide range of specialist infertility procedures; including IVF, insemination, donation, gender determination and microsort, genetic testing and foetal reduction.

Having over 21 years of experience, the British Cyprus IVF Hospital is a symbol of expertise and success in infertility and IVF treatments. They boast the largest regional donor pool with over 1,800 donors, contributing to over 35,000 IVF success stories, at an impressive 90% success rate.

British Cyprus IVF Hospital offers the most advanced technologies available for IVF. Combine this with the high-level expertise of their specialists and doctors, and one of the most developed embryonic labs in the world at their disposal, it allows the hospital to have a success rate higher than the European average. They perform the following treatments:

  • Conventional IVF
  • IUI (Insemination)
  • ICSI
  • IMSI

British Cyprus IVF Hospital offers egg, sperm and embryo donation. All donations come with warranties over European standards. The hospital has a healthy donor pool of over 1,800 donors, and provides a 10 eggs guarantee.

Utilising the latest developments in genetic testing, British Cyprus IVF Hospital offers a wide range of genetic testing, enabling them to confront genetic problems preventing pregnancy.

British Cyprus IVF Hospital not only offers premium treatments, they also offer premium care for their patients. They have a dedicated team to accommodate for every need that a patient may have. The hospital offers packages and recommendations for individuals looking for accommodation.

Bahceci Cyprus Fertility Hospital
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