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Increasing numbers of countries across the world are offering medical and surgical care in government-regulated hospitals and clinics, ensuring high standards and quality of care.  

Patients seeking healthcare abroad, however, should always check which regulatory boards are responsible for overseeing a particular country's clinics and hospitals, and confirm that their choice of provider is government approved.

Hospital, clinic and healthcare facility profiles

Breier Dental Clinic

Pilisv?r?sv, Hungary


Kharkov, Ukraine

Mesogeios Dialysis Centers

Heraclion - Crete, Greece

Asia Cosmetic Hospital

Bangkok Metropolitan area (Nontaburi), Thailand

Asia Cosmetic Hospital is one of the best plastic surgery hospitals in Thailand with JCI, ISO, Hospital Accreditation and a Best Regional Hospitals award from EU committee.

Aesthetic Surgery Centre

Antwerp, Belgium

Ada IVF Hospital

Kyrenia, Cyprus

Krishna IVF Clinic

Visakhapatnam, India

Medaid Dermatology and Aesthetic center

Budapest, Hungary

Jaipur Dental Hospital & Orthodontic Centre


Ajus Dental Care

Thiruvananthapuram, India

The Amar Clinic


Michigan Surgery PC

West Bloomfield , USA

Michigan Surgery in West Bloomfield, USA specialises in weight loss surgery and hernias.

Crown Dental Care

Bangalore, India

Crown Dental Care in Bangalore, India, is known for its comprehensive Oral health care services

Clinica Dental Cap Negret

Alicante, Spain

Hospitales San Roque

Las Palmas, Spain

Hospitales San Roque in Gran Canaria, Spain, provides a wide range of elective surgery and private hospital treatments including: plastic, aesthetic and reconstructive surgery, orthopaedics, gynaecology, radiology, neurology, ophthalmology, paediatrics, cardiology, GI surgery and gastroenterology, thoracic surgery, dentistry, rehabilitation, urology and ENT surgery.

Saint James Hospital

Sliema, Malta

St James Hospital is a group of Hospitals that provide a comprehensive range of healthcare services - ranging from simple blood tests to diagnostic scans, from cosmetic surgery to dental services, from hair removal by laser to complex surgery.

Sinai Clinic Hospital

Sharm el Sheikh, Egypt

Based in Egypt, the hospital provides comprehensive assessments and treatments for a number of specialist services including: cardiology, cosmetic surgery, dentistry, general surgery, ENT, orthopaedics and gynaecology.

Vistalaser oftalmologia

Malaga, Spain

Vistalaser oftalmologia specialise exclusively in ophthalmology, providing comprehensive ophthalmic diagnosis and treatment at their specialist clinics in Marbella, Granada and Malaga in Spain. They specialise in vision enhancing treatments including: laser eye surgery, cataracts surgery and laser surgery for obstruction in the tear duct, in addition to also providing cosmetic eyelid surgery.

Thind Dental Clinic

Dugri, India

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