Cortijo Care
Psychiatric clinic in Marbella, Spain

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Cortijo Care Marbella is an exclusive Psychological Wellbeing Clinic offering out-patient, day care and residential treatment in luxurious surroundings. They treat patients suffering from alcohol addiction, substance abuse and eating disorders, as well as providing general psychiatry and respite care.


Addictions usually begin as a simple stress-relieving or feel-good activity such as drinking, recreational drug use, gambling and so on. But these all have the potential to become an addiction or obsession that detracts from your day-to-day life or inflicts misery on your family and friends.

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Eating disorders

An eating disorder is a serious illness that can be potentially life threatening. It can affect all types of people regardless of age, gender or culture.

There are several different types of eating disorder, including:

General psychiatric treatment in Spain

Mental health problems are very common, and they are not something you should be ashamed of; we are all at risk of developing a mental health issues. They affect one’s ability to think logically, to deal with emotions and feelings, and behave rationally.

Mental health illnesses include conditions such as:

At Cortijo Care you’ll receive the best treatment possible to overcome or control your addiction, eating disorder or mental health illnesses in a respectful understanding manner.

Respite care

Cortijo Care can also provide respite care to those in need of a break, for post-operative care or for general time out.

  • Respite from caring for a loved one; Cortijo provides care while you have a holiday or a break.
  • Post-operative care with 24-hour nursing assistance.
  • General respite from day to day stresses or just to unwind in a relaxing atmosphere.


Liability insurance: Yes
Limit of indemnity: £500000.00



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