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Based in Istanbul, Turkey, Group Florence Nightingale comprises four general hospitals, a medical center, a teaching hospital and clinical research center. Offering patient-centred, specialised medical treatments, Group Florence Nightingale is one of the largest and best known healthcare groups in Europe and the Middle East.

Founded in 1989, Group Florence Nightingale offers more than 700 patient beds, 41 operating rooms, 143 intensive care and 50 emergency beds.

Group Florence Nightingale was established in 1989 as a non-profit organisation and the first hospital for cardiovascular diseases in the region. Group Florence Nightingale is now renowned as setting the standard for excellence in the entire region.

The group continues to expand and to invest in the latest equipment and technology, and most of all, its highly trained, multi-disciplinary team of doctors and medical staff.

As a result, Group Florence Nightingale has emerged as the only organ transplant centre in the Middle East region, and is licensed to perform heart, liver, kidney, pancreas and bone marrow transplants.

The most recent addition to the group was built in 2013 to the most technologically advanced and ecologically responsible standards. The result is a Hi-Tech 'Smart and Green Hospital' designed to the finest detail to provide international patients and their families with the best that the world can offer in terms of expertise, technology, comfort and service.

Joint Commission International accreditation

Group Florence Nightingale Hospitals have been accredited by Joint Commission International (JCI).

This is in recognition of the highest levels of service, quality, patient care and safety.

JCI is an American based international non-profit organisation that evaluates and accredits healthcare institutions around the world.

Why Group Florence Nightingale in Istanbul?

  • Their Center for International Patients takes care of you from your initial assessment through to your return home.
  • Over three decades of experience across every specialist field
  • A record of success and a proven record of excellence, with 30,000 patients treated annually
  • Internationally recognized and accredited; the first Turkish hospitals accredited by JCI
  • Experienced, internationally trained physicians and medical experts
  • The latest technology and equipment
  • The group has its own University and Training Hospital, working closely with the Clinical Research Center and Centers of Excellence in order to follow and implement developments throughout the world.

Group Florence Nightingale in figures

  • 30,000 patients treated every year
  • 700 beds, 36 operating theatres, 143 intensive care and emergency beds
  • 55,000 heart surgeries
  • 105,000 angiographies and angioplasties
  • 795 liver transplantations (84 only liver transplantation surgeries during 2010 – 64 from living donors, 24 from cadavers)
  • 410 kidney transplantations
  • 375 hematopoietic stem cell transplantations
  • 22,000 orthopaedic operations
  • 500 robotic operations in urology
  • 115 robotic gynaecological operations
  • 100 robotic thoracic operations
  • 8,000 angiographies per year
  • 2,000 invasive cardiac interventions per year
  • 2,500 heart operations per year

Centers of excellence at Group Florence Nightingale in Turkey

The Group Florence Nightingale offers international patients world class technology and professional levels of care. Best-Practice implementation has given the group ‘Center of Excellence’ status in the following specialised areas:

Other specialist treatment units include:

International patient services

The Center for International Patients takes care of patients from around the world; from the initial inquiry through to follow-up care after they return home.

The multilingual staff provide personalised Medical and Concierge Services according to the individual needs and expectations of each patient.

One-to-one services for patients and their families include:

  • Scheduling of appointments
  • Travel and accommodation
  • Interpretation service
  • Air and ground ambulance
  • Financial considerations
  • Discharge process
  • Follow-up care

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