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Quirónsalud is the premier healthcare provider in Spain, with more than six decades’ experience in the provision of health and wellbeing services. They provide a comprehensive range of hospital treatments and services including cosmetic surgery, heart disease, dentistry, dermatology, ENT, gastroenterology, neurology, eye care, orthopaedics, gynaecology and urology.

Quirónsalud has over 84 medical centers throughout Spain, which offer patients the complete range of healthcare services that covers all medical specialties. The Group has renowned medical specialists who enjoy the very latest technology. They invest in many research and education programmes, and a management model based on a solid commitment to quality, and values that show how they understand health and their relationships with people.

Quironsalud now forms a large healthcare network serving all of Spain, as well as international patients who come from across the world.

Quironsalud has a team of 26,000 medical professionals at more than 84 health centres throughout Spain:

  • 40 general hospitals
  • 26 multi-specialty medical centers
  • 5 day hospitals
  • 5 assisted-reproduction centers
  • 2 ophtalmology centers
  • 6 residencial-care facilities

Research and education

Research and education are crucial to the Group’s commitment to continuous improvement. By creating and disseminating new knowledge Quironsalud is best placed to deliver the very best service and to provide for all their patients’ needs.

In partnership with numerous universities in Spain, Quironsalud undertakes important scientific projects that are at the cutting edge of medical research.

Their network currently includes 7 university hospitals, and they own a private research institute, which is accredited by the Ministry of Science and Technology.

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