Quiron Valencia Hospital
Private hospital in Valencia, Spain

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Part of the Quironsalud Group, Quiron Valencia Hospital sets the standard for private healthcare in the Valencia region of Eastern Spain. They offer an extensive range of medical and surgical specialities including: Cardiology, Dermatology, Endocrinology, Oncology, Pediatrics, Psychiatry, Rehabilitation, Cardiovascular surgery, Plastic and reconstructive surgery, Thoracic surgery, Gynecology and obstetrics, Neurosurgery, Ophthalmology, ENT medicine, Orthopaedics and Urology.

At Quiron Valencia Hospital they operate according to three guiding principles: highly qualified and experienced healthcare professionals who enjoy the benefits of cutting edge equipment to provide personalised care and attention to patients.

Located in the centre of the city, Quiron Valencia Hospital blends a practical character with comfort and convenience for patients and family members.

A general hospital offering 66 medical and surgical specialities Quiron Valencia Hospital can respond to all patients’ needs.

Facilities include

  • 8 operating theatres
  • 11 image diagnosis rooms
  • Surgical and oncological day hospital
  • Pathology laboratory
  • Clinical Analysis laboratory
  • Sleep unit
  • Blood bank
  • Endoscopy rooms
  • Intensive care unit for adults and another one specifically for paediatric and neonatal care.

Patient facilities

  • 65 individual rooms with outdoor views
  • 8 intensive care beds for adults
  • 2 neonatal intensive care beds
  • 2 dilation rooms for complex deliveries
  • Haemodynamics room

Diagnostic imaging

  • 3 Tesla Magnetic Resonance unit
  • 1.5 Tesla Magnetic Resonance units
  • 64-slice multi-detector CT scanner
  • Stereotaxic table for breast biopsies
  • Digital remote control unit
  • 2 digital X ray rooms
  • Densitometer
  • Digital orthopantomograph
  • Digital mammogram

At the Quiron Valencia Hospital they undertake more than 250,000 consultations and surgical procedures annually, many of which are extremely complex operations. The hospital has all the amenities of a hotel: spacious individual rooms, in-house catering, and extensive waiting areas.

Their main concern is to for you to feel at home and to that end their staff and facilities are at your service to provide you with anything you may need.


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