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AGEL a.s. is the largest healthcare provider in Central Europe with more than 2 million patients per year. Their healthcare facilities rank among the elite in the EU.

Orthopaedic treatments

AGEL Clinic of Orthopaedics in Prerov, Czech Republic, provides highly qualified care to all orthopaedic patients by a team of excellent physicians, physiotherapists, middle and lower medical staff. The clinic underwent complete reconstruction in 2013, providing a pleasant environment together with modern equipment and state of the art technologies. AGEL Clinic of Orthopaedics provides services such as total joint replacement, arthroscopic operations, children medicine, reconstruction after injuries etc.

Services provided by AGEL Clinic of Orthopaedics in Prerov, Czech Republic

AGEL Clinic of Orthopaedics in Prerov is a dynamic and innovative healthcare facility with a long-term tradition and professional know-how specializing in orthopaedics and traumatology. The scope of the orthopaedics and traumatology specialisation is the care of patients with disorders of the locomotive apparatus. These diseases may arise as a result of injury, degenerative disease (arthrosis), birth defects or also for instance as a result of inflammation or tumour.
The activities of orthopaedics and traumatology include treatment of injuries and the locomotive apparatus diseases and their complications. AGEL team of surgeons performs close to 3000 surgeries every year. AGEL Clinic of Orthopaedics achieves top ranked results in sub-specialisations such as

  • Joint replacements such as hips, knees, shoulders
  • Their surgical team performs replacements even after injuries, previous operations and birth defect.
  • Arthroscopic operations
  • Sports medicine (using all available methods),
  • Treatment of leg deformations
  • Children orthopaedics
  • Traumatology of limbs including the solution of consequences of injuries or previous operations and follow-up treatment

AGEL Clinic of Orthopaedics also provides comprehensive conservative orthopaedic care of children and adults. They examine hips of newborns, monitor and treat defects of backbone development and limbs of children and adolescents.

AGEL Clinic ´s strong point, especially, in endoprothetics and solution of more extensive traumas, is a narrow connection with rehabilitation, physiotheraphy and follow-up rehabilitation in spas, which they offer to all their clients. It is based on individual rehabilitation and psychotherapeutic treatment for the whole period of hospitalisation and a high degree of cooperation with a spa facility in order to achieve optimal results. The treatment is fully individual, it respects the patient's state, possibilities and a type of operation. As a result, it leads to a quick and full recovery of the operated limb.

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Infertility treatment

AGEL IVF Clinic in Olomouc, Czech Republic, is a modern clinic providing all methods of infertility treatment. The clinic boasts a high success rate as a result of having state-of-the-art equipment and high quality physicians and embryologists. They provide services such as donation of sperm, eggs and pre-implantation genetic diagnostics of embryos in the Czech Republic. AGEL IVF Clinic provides Home2Home programmes for international patients making their medical trip comfortable.

Infertility treatment in Olomouc in the Czech Republic

Head physician of the team has been working in infertility treatment area more than 16 years and their head embryologist has long term experience with IVF, ICSI, vitrification and embryo biopsy. Experiences of their physicians and embryologists from international workplaces combined with the state-of-the-art equipment guarantee the high success rate of infertility treatment.

Agel IVF Clinic provides a broad spectrum of infertility treatments - IVF, IVF ICSI, IVF with donated oocytes, IVF with donated embryos, pre-implantation genetic diagnostics and screening, MESE TESE, vitrification of oocytes and embryos, spermbank services and much more.

AGEL IVF Clinic is a clinic accredited by the State Institute for Drug Control meeting all and any conditions of the European Tissue Directive.

Legal conditions of assisted reproduction in the Czech Republic

  • Infertility treatment is provided to women of no more than 50 years
  • They do not select the gender of embryos for other than medical reasons
  • Treatment of pairs - no singles

Agel IVF Clinic provides these infertility services in the Czech Republic

Assisted reproduction is a term covering medical procedures and methods used to manipulate parental cells (sperm cells or eggs). Most couples suffering from infertility may benefit from a simple treatment method of assisted reproduction. Physicians at Agel IVF Clinic always start with the simplest methods of infertility treatment proceeding to more sophisticated ones if necessary.

  • IUI - intrauterine insemination
  • IVF - in vitro fertilisation
  • Frozen embryo transfer
  • Egg fertilization methods available with Agel IVF Clinic in Olomouc
  • Classical insemination
  • ICSI (Intracytoplasmatic Sperm Injection)
  • Further methods are available with IVF Clinic in Olomouc to increase success rate of the whole treatment
  • Assisted hatching (AH)
  • Extended cultivation
  • Pre-implantation genetic examination of embryos (PGD)
  • FISH (Fluorescent in situ hybridisation)
  • Array CGH (Comparative genome hybridisation)
  • PCR enables revealing disorders created by modification in a single gene. As a result of this fact, PCR is a method used for patients with the finding of monogenic disease in the family.
  • Vitrification of embryos

Obesity surgery

AGEL Obesity Surgery Clinic in Prostejov, Czech Republic, provides highly qualified care to all obesity patients with a team of excellent physicians. The clinic provides a pleasant enviroment together with modern equipment and state of the art technologies. The obesity clinic is a part of Agel´s facility offering highly specialised comprehensive diagnostic and treatment care.

Obesity clinic in Czech Republic

AGEL Obesity Surgery Clinic specializes in services such as gastric band or laparoscopic great courvature plication.

The AGEL Obesity Surgery Clinic is a healthcare facility providing a comprehensive professional medical services. The AGEL Obesity Surgery Clinic is easily accessible as it is close to both Brno and Ostrava international airports in the Czech Republic. The whole hospital was reconstructed into modern design offering to its clients a very pleasant environment.

The whole facility has 21 departments and 24 surgeries treating a range of specialties. The surgical department performs laparoscopic and bariatric surgeries on a daily basis and it is considered to be one of the best departments of its kind. The obesity clinic has 53 beds including special beds with high load capacity.

The rooms offer patients hi-tech featured such as BTC and WiFi. The medical staff communicate in English, Russian, German and Polish languages upper-intermediate level. The facility has a comprehensive complex of diagnostics methods both screening and laboratory, which are accessible 24/7 and the service is again ensured by a specialised personnel.

The rooms offer patients hi-tech features such as BTC and WiFi. The medical staff can communicate in English, Russian, German and Polish languages at upper-intermediate level. The facility features comprehensive complex of diagnostics methods such as laboratory or screening (available 24/7).

Receiving treatment in their hospital is unique opportunity to experience the care provided by a highly professional team of physicians and nurses using state-of-the-art technologies.

Services provided by AGEL Obesity Surgery Clinic in the Czech Republic

The patients are provided with a possibility of the following bariatric operations.

Laparoscopic adjustable gastric bandage

  • Performed in complete anaesthesia
  • Laparoscopic operation
  • Feelings of fullness after small portions
  • Completelly safe method
  • Bandage can be adjusted after operation

Laparoscopic great courvature plication

  • Modern method
  • Laparoscopic operation
  • Part of the stomach “is invaginated” into its lumen and is re-sewn by a continuing stitch
  • Suitable for patients with BMI>40, patients suffering from yo-yo effect, patients with BMI

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AGEL provides own Home2Home programme for international patients

For international patients of the AGEL Group's hospitals they designed a programme of comprehensive treatment services Home2Home. International patients may choose the extent of required services and Agel's team will ensure everything what you will need for planning your medical trip, on your way to one of Agel's hospitals, during your stay and your recovery in the Czech Republic and on your return back home. The goal of this service is to ensure the same feeling as if you did not have to travel for the necessary intervention from your home country.

The Home2Home programme includes

  • Consultation prior the choice of the healthcare facility and selection of the intervention
  • Consultation with your local physician
  • Assistance with ensuring visa
  • Information on the flight connections
  • Airport pickup
  • Accommodation
  • Supplementary services
  • Leisure-time programme for the patient and company
  • Consultation with a local physician after the return back home

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